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What is Combat Nutrition?

Combat Nutrition is a monthly blog covering sports nutrition for Mixed Martial Arts.

Information about Combat Nutrition author Alex Neilan:

I spent my childhood and teenage years being overweight with low self-confidence and I remember being 15 stone (90kg) at just 15 years of age. At the age of 17, I decided that NOW was the time to make a change. I lost 4 stone (24kg) in a year from making realistic dietary and lifestyle changes. I then decided that exercise and nutrition were now more to me than just a hobby, I was going to make it my career path.

Between the age of 18 to 23, I completed a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science, an MSc in Public Health and Nutrition and a Pg/DIP in Dietetics. I then worked as a Dietitian for the National Health Service (NHS) specialising in weight management and nutrition support. Following a move to Canada, I started to work with hockey and baseball players and I realised that specialising in sports nutrition was my dream.

In 2016, I decided to move back to the beautiful city of Edinburgh and I enrolled in a Pg/DIP in Sports Nutrition delivered by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This much sought after course involved many international facilities of sports dietitians and was developed by the top sports nutrition experts in the world and allowed me to remain completely current and up to date on the latest research in my field.

Over the last 18 months while studying part time I have built a business working both one to one and online as a sports dietitian and personal trainer. I have worked closely with fighters from SBG  Ireland MMA enabling them to cut weight safely, recover faster, prevent injury and perform at their very best. Other clients include Premiership football players, the Scottish wheelchair basketball team, marathon runners, Iron men and an athlete who climbed Mount Everest.

I feel that my unparalleled passion for Sports Nutrition allows me to educate athletes on how to separate the white noise of endless nutritional myths embedded in modern social media with current up to date evidenced based information. My client centred nutritional programs are built to be flexible and are individually tailored to you. Each program is developed alongside the athlete in order to move away from a temporary fix or “diet” and move towards a sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle that optimises body composition and sports performance. There is more to nutrition than just “eating healthily” if one hour of training is 4% of your day imagine what you could achieve if you perfected the other 96%.

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