Chris Bungard “My opponents will get it one at a time. They just need to take their whooping like a man”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Chris Bungard as he prepares for his fight against Liam Bennet at Headhunters Fighting Championship on November 18th 2017 at the Grangemouth Sports Complex, Grangemouth.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Chris. It has been announced that you will be fighting Liam Bennett at Headhunters Fighting Championship. Could I get your thoughts on the announcement.

Hey mate. Thanks for your time as always, doing a great job for us fighters. Yeah, I am fighting at Headhunters again against an experienced Welshman on the 18th. Probably not as good as my last few opponents. But, hey ho they will all get it one at a time and take their whooping like a man”

In terms of tape study. What do you understand about your opponent and what will you be looking to exploit come fight.

I watched one of his fights on YouTube against Ian Entwhistle who was in the UFC. But, it was from years ago, so expecting a totally different fighter. On the plus side he looks small so that’s a plus instead of all these lanky cunts. Don’t really know his game to see if he has holes I can exploit. But, I plan on running right through him, quick”

In terms of self-improvement. What has training preparation been like for this fight and what tweaks have you made to your current fighting base.

“I just train all aspects of MMA every day at the best of my ability. All parts of my game needs tightened up and big improvements. My boxing and conditioning is getting better because I am approaching them different with my coaches”

When this fight comes around you will be two months removed from the Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher fight. What takeaways did you have from that performance and did you have any frustration on how the fight concluded.

When you sign to fight Colin Fletcher in his home town, you know it is not going to be an easy fight. It is exactly what I said it was going to be, a hell of a scrap. The fans loved it. As for the decision it was definitely a close contest. But, fuck it, it is what it is and the judges can suck my Scottish balls”

The aftermath. What was your thought process and mindset like in the 48 hours after the fight. Did you go through a period of self discovery and are now at peace with the fight.

I am pretty sure I was drunk for the next 48 hours, so it was all good haha. It is always disappointing when you lose. But, a loss is the most natural thing in life, so I take the positives and move on like a man. If I got dominated then maybe. But, it was a real close fight and on another show I could have got my hand raised”

Do you feel that your stock from that fight has risen or do you feel to a certain degree there is people who still need to be convinced about what you bring to the table in the lightweight division.

My stock has 100% went up. Because, Colin is a well-known fighter in Europe and was in the UFC. It was such a good fight with a lot of eyes on it being a British title fight even though he missed weight, we still took it and put on a show. As for anyone doubting me, that doesn’t even cross my mind. I understand people don’t like me because I am real. I will say what I really think and what is on my mind, if they don’t like it they can go fuck themselves. I bring the main events, the numbers, the atmosphere & the highlight reel finishes”

The last time we spoke you commented that you wanted a local show for your travelling supporters. Come November 18th – is this fight about you and your recovery from the Colin Fletcher fight – getting back on the trail to establishing your position as the best lightweight in the division.

I just like to stay busy and active 4/5 fights a year is a must for me. These turkeys that take a year out to improve – annoy me. But, everyone is different I suppose. I don’t care about being the best, I know how good I am. I am the toughest lightweight out there. This will be my 28th MMA fight in 7 years. I can take down anyone I fight, cut people up with elbows with ease, spinning kick people in the face, grind out decisions when I need too or fly through the air like a fucking ninja for sexy submissions. Who’s doing that these days?”

I feel coming out of the Fletcher fight and looking at your training photos/captions – there seems to be a different level of intensity and focus coming from you. Do you feel this.

“I wouldn’t say different level of intensity. I would say I am just getting better every day, understanding martial arts more. It is not always about the destination, more the journey and the people you share it with”

This will be your fourth fight of 2017 and in 2016 you had five fights. How do you deal with the mental and physical aspect of being in consistent training and fighting mode.

I intend to have a fifth fight this year. You will see me at On Top in December stealing the show as always. I am always in fight mode. I am a different animal these days”

Looking ahead to 2018. What does next year have in store for Chris Bungard and are there any objectives that you would like to achieve.

2018, I will fight on the biggest shows on the planet. More finishes, more truth talk. Slave to the money and then we die. God bless”

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