Jack Grant “It doesn’t matter who I am matched with, as soon as the round starts, I will be looking to stop them within the scheduled time” 

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post fight interview with Jack Grant. Jack defeated Perry Goodwin via knockout inside round 1 on his Cage Warriors promotional debut at Cage Warriors 88. Jack is currently on a four-fight win streak all within the first round.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Jack. Congratulations on your Cage Warriors 88 victory. How did it feel to get your hand raised on Saturday evening.

“It always feels great to have a successful outing the high fades fast. I am keen to get back learning in the gym”

This was your promotional debut. Could you tell our readers about your mindset and thought process – starting from arriving at the venue, getting your hands wrapped to making the cage walk.

I felt very calm about the whole process. I have gone through all the different emotions and I usually handle this all very well”

Were there any messages coming from your coaches when you were in the back warming up.

“I am always getting good advice from ASW head coach Darren Morris and my team. We joke around and warm up it is all fun”

It was a victory where the game plan and the application seemed to click into place for you very quickly. Did you feel this when the fight was starting to unfold and your shots were landing.

“I knew I had to stay patient and pick my shots. I feel I missed many opportunities in a short space of time. However, I am improving and we got the result”

Looking at the build-up to the finish. It looks like you can instinctively tell when the fight is a few strikes from completion. When the first knee landed – did you feel or think that your opponent was on the edge of being finished.

“I knew the fight was coming to the end when I countered his overhand with a front kick. I felt my foot sink into his body after that he was vulnerable. I ended the fight with 3 knees”

The knockout came by way of beautiful short knees to the temple. You made a comment on Saturday night that not a lot of fighters will attempt those types of strikes. Could you explain further.

“I actually said I often like to kick from the clinch and I don’t see many tall fighters doing this. But, I saw his temple was very open so I crashed a few short knees into the temple. This was very basic but basics often win fights”

There is an Instagram post where you commented about your clean living and you looked in fantastic shape on fight night. Could you tell our readers about the work you put into your nutrition and conditioning.

“Thank you. I am always working hard, I train lots of Submission Grappling, JiuJitsu, Striking, Boxing, Wrestling. I am open-minded and interested in becoming a better athlete. But, I mainly just train hard and eat well”

This will be your fifth fight of 2017. In terms of mentally and physically – how do you cope with the demands of being in constant training and fighting mode.

“It is tough sometimes. But, training is not a chore for me learning and adding to my skill set makes me happy. I want to be active”

You are now on a four-fight win streak with professional wins both by submission and by knockout. Do you feel having this cutting edge to your game is what makes you significantly different from most fighters in the lightweight division.

“I think we are all different and we are all unique. But, we are all on that same road and I am not here to play safe. It doesn’t matter who I am matched with, as soon as the round starts, I will be looking to stop them within the scheduled time”

Looking ahead to 2018. Are you able to tell our readers what is next for Jack Grant and in terms of an opponent – is there a body type or skill-set that you would be liked matched against.

“I just want someone on a win streak with a style that excites the fans. I will see what happens – If I am potentially matched. If not, I could enjoy being a spectator for the rest of this year”

Jack would like to thank his sponsors:

GBP Grimsby Byproducts LTD

Big Jax Steakhouse & Sports bar

Coach House

Boss Nutrition

Cook & Lucas Frozen UK LTD


The SkinnyPower Team

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