Scott Malone “It’s only a matter of time until Boom Boom Malone detonates and shatters the bantamweight division”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Scott Malone after it was announced he will be fighting Jack Cartwright at ICE FC 19 on Saturday 18th November 2017 at the Irlam Leisure Centre in Manchester.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Scott. It has been announced that you will be fighting Jack Cartwright at ICE FC 19. Could I get your thoughts on the announcement.

“I was looking forward to the fight. Jack is a tough opponent and I was looking forward to headlining the show in Manchester against a guy from his hometown. But, the curse of Boom Boom strikes again and he has just pulled out from the fight”

In terms of tape of study. What are your thoughts on your opponent and what were you looking to exploit come fight night.

“I knew he was a heavy hitter with some good takedowns. I was looking forward to a nice stand-up match”

We last saw Scott Malone inside the cage back in March against Kevin Codero. What takeaways did you take from the fight and how happy were you with your performance.

“To be honest, I got the win by TKO. But, for me, it was a very boring fight. He held onto me the whole fight and was not looking to even try and get up or do nothing but hold me”

Fighting away from home is not strange to you as you competed at Caged Steel FC. Do you feel competing away takes a lot of the pressure and allows you to compete more freely.

“My very first amateur fight was against in York against a hometown guy and it was the whole Scotland vs England thing and I went down with a crowd of 12 people. The noise from the guy’s fans was unreal. It did get to me a bit. But, once I started the noise was only coming from my fans, the best fans”

Could you tell our readers how the fight with ICE FC came about and were there any other promotions that were talking to you.

“All my fights are decided by my management (Kings Fighter Management) who are always looking for the best for me and have done nothing but great things for me. Sorting out sponsors and fights. They do not even need to ask me – I just agree. There were offers from other shows (big ones) but the 2 fights I was offered was when I was on holiday or the week after I got back. It was not great timing but my time will come”

When this fight takes place it will have been 8 months since you were last in the cage. In terms of performance and application. What were you looking to gain from this fight.

“Right now, I am just looking for some cage time and getting one step closer to the main goal which is obviously to fight on a UFC card. I have had that many pull outs I literally do not care who I fight anymore. I know I am on the same level as these top guys I just need my chance to prove it”

In terms of preparation. What have you been working on in camp for this fight despite your opponent being injured.

“This would have been my first fight after being out at Team Alpha Male and I feel I have developed a lot since March. I have not been working on my anything different. I always try and work on what my weakest link is. But, I never forget about my strengths”

I understand from previous conversations it has been rather difficult to get fighters into the cage to compete against you. Could you tell our readers about those occasions that fights have fallen through and in your opinion why do you think they have really not taken the opportunity to fight you.

“Yes, and it has happened again! I do not know why this is? Is it bad lad or is it people not willing to take the risk. I don’t know. But, it is pissing me off”

In terms of adapting your skill set and fighting base. What have you been working on in the background and I understand you were out in Team Alpha Male. How valuable will this experience be for your developing professional career.

“I am always trying to work on my weakest link like I said. But, when I was over at Team Alpha Male it is a different ball game. There are no easy rounds on the mats. I love it over there and cannot wait to get back out. The way the different coaches all work together and think are amazing. Justin Buchholz is literally the nicest guy ever and is always willing to help you if you have a problem. All the guys out there are so humble. I was honoured to get out there and share the mats with some UFC stars”

I have seen a few times on the regional shows that you have been working the corner for some of your amateur fighters. In terms of strengthening and developing your fight IQ. How much does working with fighters help you in this regard and what is like to work with up and coming amateurs and passing on the experiences that you have had in your career so far.

“I honestly get more nervous in the corners than I do in my own fights. I do not look at the guys as amateurs. We are all training partners and friends. There are only 3 professionals in our gym so I am training with these amateurs every day and we all make each other better”

Inside the mind of Scott Malone. Could you tell our readers about your mindset when approaching both a fight and the fight game in general.

“I am always focused on what I am doing and not the other guy. I have a clear goal that I know I can achieve. I have had the same goal since day one when I stepped into the gym. The fight game at moment after another pull out is hard to stay focused, I often wonder why but then I remind myself of the goal in mind and that I love doing what I do. No matter what the outcome I live for this shit”

What has been the biggest change in you since you have become a professional MMA athlete.

“There are lot more days in the gym. As an amateur, I was only really training 2/3 times a week now I do that in a day. It is a lot more structured and the diet is a bit better (although I really love to eat shit) But, when it comes to it – I get it done”

Looking forward. What does 2018 have in store for Scott Malone and have you set your yourself any goals that you would like to achieve.

“My goal was to be in the UFC next year. But, I have not had as many fights as I would have wanted and the pullouts keep happening. This will always be the goal and I will not stop until I am there”

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