Molly McCann “It’s all fun and games until Molly enters the cage and you get obilterated”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Molly McCann as she prepares for her Cage Warriors 88 fight against Priscila de Souza.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Molly. It has been announced you will be fighting Priscila De Souza at Cage Warriors 88. How much do you know about your opponent and what will you be looking to exploit come fight night.

“Any Brazilian who you come up against is always going to be quite a tough one. You are not going to fly halfway around the world to not finish the fight. I expect she is going to bring an aggressive and attacking style to the fight. I am looking to come straight in, attack and look for the finish in the first minute via strikes. If I can get the takedown and finish with ground and pound then that is what I will do”

What have you been working on in preparation for this fight.

“In preparation for this fight, it has been more grappling and wrestling. In every other camp, I focus a little bit more on striking. This time we have focused a little more on grappling to see if we can get a finish via submission rather than with strikes”

Both yourself and your opponent have the ability to finish the fight quickly. What can the fans look forward to in terms of performance when Molly McCann enters the Cage.

Anytime anyone has ever come to see me fight has never left disappointed. I always put a show on for the fans and I know how much money it costs to come and watch the show. The fans deserve a good show. The Liverpool fans are fans like no other in the world. Similar to the Irish, but a little bit better”

This will be your third fight under the Cage Warriors promotional banner. How important has it been for your developing professional career to be exposed to the setup Cage Warriors can provide and to have your fights broadcast worldwide.

Being on Cage Warriors has been a great platform and building base for me. When I first started out in MMA, I always wanted to perform on Cage Warriors and become their champion. Myself and Cage Warriors have a very special bond and they go the extra mile for me”

Looking at your performance against Lacey Schuckman at Cage Warriors 82. This performance showed how potent your striking can be. What were your takeaways from the fight and are you looking to show more of your skill set in your next fight.

The fight against Lacey Schukman showed I cannot be finished. I was put in compromising positions. I stayed relaxed, composed and found my way up. And when I got up she paid for it. Any fighter who thinks they can put me down and finish me better wake up and smell the fucking coffee because it is just not going to happen. My hands are dangerous. I also know I have good knees and elbows too. I took a lot of confidence from that fight in that I cannot be finished. It was the first time I had ever been taken down and double legged – I dealt with them both and I wobbled her”

Your last and future opponents Lucy and Priscila have vast professional experience. Looking at the way you went about your business against Lucy. Do you think this shows that you are operating on a totally different level regardless of experience.

“I have only been doing MMA for four years and a year of that I was out injured. In those three years, I have managed 10 bouts with 9 wins when it should be 10. My second pro fight I fought someone who has had 9 fights in Brazil. I am not afraid of any fighter and I will enter into any fight. I know I am operating on a totally different level. I do not care who is put in front of me it will be the same outcome”

You are now six fights in your professional career. How would you summarise the journey so far and what are you looking to achieve in the next couple of fights.

“There are not many fighters who are six fights into their career and fighting on pay per view in front of a packed arena. Many fighters have 20/30 fights and are still competing in sports halls. I am extremely blessed and lucky to have this. After this win and annihilation of Priscila, I want the next fight to be for a world title. I really want to win a world title. I owe it to the fans and to the promotion. Hopefully get something worked out with the UFC. Until I win the world title nothing else matters”

What has been the biggest change in you since you became a professional fighter.

The biggest change has only come this fight camp. All that has changed this time is I have a Sports Nutritionist, Sports Scientist and a professional S&C coach in the mix working with my MMA coach. The weight has come down a lot easier and the strength has been a lot better. My MMA program has changed also, I am now a full-time athlete and I am not working anymore. Imagine my fights, when I have been cutting weight the hard way and working all the hours under the sun to becoming a scientific invested athlete. Whoever steps inside the cage with me has some fucking balls”

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