Fabian Edwards “I have multiple ways to finish Louis King at BAMMA 33”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Fabian Edwards after it was announced he will be fighting Louis King at BAMMA 33 on Friday 15th December 2017 at the Newcastle Metro Arena.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Fabian. Could I get your thoughts on the announcement that you will be fighting Louis King at BAMMA 33.

“I am just happy to be fighting. Because I was meant to be fighting on the September card and I didn’t get offered any fights. Louis was the first fight BAMMA offered me and I was also offered two other fights, I said yes to both. Then the promotion came back to me and said those were off and I was now fighting Louis. I was like okay then”

“BAMMA did not give me a reason why the other two fights did not happen. But, the records of both those fighters was (6-4) and (7-1). I cannot do any more than say yes”

“On social media. There are too many fighters who are scared to voice their opinions. I just tell it like I see it”

In a previous article with Combat Vision MMA, Fabian. You suggested that for your next opponent you would like someone who can put the pressure on you and mix it up. Do you feel Louis King fits this description.

“It is not really a fight where I am like fucking hell I cannot wait to have this fight. He does not do anything that I have not seen before. I have seen amateurs do what he does. I wanted someone with a bit more experience. But, this is what BAMMA gave me”

Has it got the stage Fabian where it is difficult to get fights against experienced fighters who are looking at your explosive skill-set and thinking this is not the best fight for me.

“I think fighters are watching the fights and looking the match-ups and they are thinking Nah – this is not the correct choice for me. I might be (2-0) professionally but there are experienced fighters who will not fight me. I believe a lot of fighters are scared to put their records on the line against me. Whereas I will fight anyone”

“As I have said to Combat Vision MMA before I am going to take out the whole division. At the end of the day, I see middleweight as my division. A lot of fighters are trying to protect themselves and are scared to fight. I do not agree with any of this. I show up and I fight”

“I told Tommy King just hold your brother’s hand and bring him to the cage. That is all he has to do and I will do the rest”

Have you done any tape study on your opponent Louis King and what has your research shown you about the type of fight you should be expecting.

“I have watched some of his fights with my teammates and straight away we picked up a lot of holes in his game. This fight, in particular, was only five months ago, so I know he will not have enough time to fill those holes. Louis is a scrappy guy, all he relies on is power and if he cannot finish the fight he gasses out. All Louis has is a punch. My flexibility, my fight IQ and my movement is going to be too much for him”

“My prediction. I will catch Louis with some shots early and I will put him away around the 4-minute mark”

Fabian was asked about his thoughts on not featuring on the BAMMA 31 card.

“I was very frustrated because there were four pull-outs from the card so the fact that happened. I was like fucking hell, you could have put me on the card. But, BAMMA wanted to put a lot of Londoners on the card. It was a decent show and to be honest, I felt a bit let down by BAMMA but it is what it is. The couple of months that I have had out I have been training consistently. After BAMMA 33, I should be fighting every three and a half months so I cannot complain”

“I hope Mike Shipman is keeping my BAMMA title warm for me because I am coming to collect it soon”

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