(Exclusive) Calum Murrie “Extreme Fighting Championship better be ready for the arrival of Bundy”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Calum Murrie after it was announced he has signed with Extreme Fighting Championship.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Calum. It has been announced that you have signed up to compete in Extreme Fighting Championship. Could I ask for your thoughts on the announcement.

No problem guys. Yeah, I was over the moon when my coach James messaged me on Saturday asking if I could make the fight on 4 weeks notice. I am not a huge way off weight anyway and I am always fit. So, yeah I was buzzing at the thought and now it is happening”

How did the EFC deal come about and are you able to tell our readers how many fights you are signed up for.

There was talk of me getting signed to EFC after I won the Made4TheCage British title. But, it never happened. I knew they had my name though and James said to me it would be a matter of time before they would get in touch and here we are now. It is a 4 fight contract I am sure”

Higher Level have a good relationship with EFC adding in the great history of Danny Henry who was their promotional champion. How did those factors play into your decision to sign with the promotion.

Yeah, Danny went out there and worked his way right through the featherweight division and won their world title. Danny told me himself that it is a huge promotion and you are treated really well when across there. I am buzzing to get in there and fight in front of a sold-out arena that holds up to 8000 people”

How did you come to the conclusion that it was time to start fighting internationally.

I didn’t really come to the conclusion, to be honest, I have been fighting on local shows for 7 years now and I just hoped to make it onto a big promotion one day; BAMMA, Cage Warriors, EFC etc it didn’t necessarily have to be international. But, hey I am not complaining. I have never even been to South Africa before so I am really excited about the full experience”

You come into the promotion (3-0) and a British featherweight champion. Looking at EFC’s current featherweight division what do you bring that is different to the current stable of fighters.

“I think I bring a different style of fighting compared to the majority of the guys in the division. More unorthodox stand-up and ground game. It is going to be fun going out there and putting my skills to the test against these guys”

In terms of self-improvement. How will you use the experience of fighting on the EFC platform to take your professional career to the next level.

One fight at a time haha. This fight and the promotion is the next level for me just now. But, yeah if it was to ever go past this level then all this international experience is definitely going to make a difference, especially fighting in front of such a big crowd”

What do you see as your roadmap to making it to the top of the EFC featherweight division.

Well as far as making it to the top of the division. I have pretty much been handed a fast track pass. I am making my debut against the former champ and number 1 contender Boyd Allen is my map to the top. If I can get past him it is going to put me straight up there”

Are you able to tell our readers when you are hoping to make your promotional debut and has an opponent been assigned yet.

“It is the 4th of November against Boyd Allen”

What message do you want to send to the featherweight division when those first few minutes of your promotional debut take place.

“Bundy has arrived. Get in the Van”

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