Damon Donald “I find striking is my go-to thing as my opponents really struggle with it”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Damon Donald after his majority decision loss to Kieran Reid on Saturday evening at On Top Promotions “Toe 2 Toe”. Although the decision did not go Damon’s way, it was an incredible 50/50 fight. Every time Damon steps into the cage – the fans are always entertained. Damon has an amateur record (2-2).

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Damon. Unfortunately, the decision did go your way on Saturday evening against Kieran Reid. What was your assessment of the fight.

“It was a good tough fight and I would have loved it to go my way. But, you can’t win them all. I will come back better from the loss and everyone will see that. I thought I did more damage in the fight and pushed the pace more”

In my opinion, I felt you grew into the fight from round 2. Did you feel the fight was turning for you from the 2nd round.

Yeah, I felt I found his timing and range in the second round. I knew his game plan was to get it to the ground as he is stronger there. But, I felt I did really well to defend his attempts to get it there and when it did go there he couldn’t keep me there”

One thing I truly enjoyed last night was watching your striking ability. The way you put shots together and take it to the body. How much in training do you spend specifically on your stand up.

I don’t spend a heap of training on. With stand-up, I like to mix it up. I find striking is my go-to thing as opponents really struggle with it”

You fight out Aberdeen Combat Centre. How important has it been training with this gym for your developing amateur career and having the experience of Paull McBain in your corner.

“Aberdeen Combat Centre is an amazing gym to train out of. All the guys are really helpful and willing to do anything to help you get better and ready to fight.  Yea, Paull McBain is full of knowledge and I like his style of fighting. I try to use a lot of things he does as it works for me

You are now 4 fights into your amateur career. How has the journey been so far for you and what self improvements have you made to your approach of the fight game.

It has had its ups and downs. But, I improve every fight and stay really active. I love fighting and training. I am always look for new ways to improve myself”

What has been the biggest change to your life since becoming a fighter.

“The biggest change is just being a happier more chilled out person. Fighting and training chills me out and seems like it keeps me sane from all the shit that happens outside of it”

Could you tell our readers how you deal with fight week. In terms of staying mentally focused and making weight.

Fight week is hard. Because, you have to cut that last bit of weight off. But, I just tell myself this is the hard part and the easy fun part is in the cage. In my eyes, there is no reason you should not make weight. You just need to have discipline and focus on what you really want.

Could you tell our readers how you got into MMA and how you came to the decision to competitively compete.

I got into MMA because I lost interest in football and I still wanted to keep fit. When I started training I loved it and I just knew I wanted to compete”

It is the start of October. Would you consider another fight before the end of 2017 or would prefer to rest and reset for early 2018.

I am thinking of just taking the rest of the year off. I have had 3 MMA fights this year and 2 Thai fights. I have been really busy and I need to spend time with my kid and family now. Get back to training and improve on the areas I struggle in”

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