Paull McBain “I am ready for anything inside the cage. I am mentally prepared to become Cage Warriors Champion”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Paull McBain as he prepares for his Cage Warriors 88 fight against Sam Spencer on Saturday, October 28th 2017. Paull made his promotional debut against Lloyd Manning at Cage Warriors 82 winning by split decision. Paull has a professional record (4-0) with three first-round finishes.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Paull. You will be fighting Sam Spencer at Cage Warriors 88. Could I ask for your thoughts on the fight.

“I think it is a great matchup and I am looking forward to it. Very little changes in my training regardless of who the opponent is. This approach has not failed me yet. So why break something that is not broken!”

Your promotional debut was back at Cage Warriors 82. How did you mentally approach the fight.

Mentally in fighting I am ready for whatever I get thrown at. I believe I am going to become the champion of Cage Warriors”

When it was announced you had signed with Cage Warriors. How important was it for your developing professional career to sign with a big European promotion and being exposed to their setup.

“I think Cage Warriors is a great promotion. You are very well looked after. It seems to be a great feeder to the UFC, where I want to be in the future”

Did you feel any pressure when you made the cage-walk. It was your debut and you wanted to start off with a victory or was it more for you and your team all about the performance and the application on the night.

“Nah no pressure I enjoyed every minute. It felt like this is where I am meant to be. So, no nerves when stepping into the cage. My performance could have been better in my opinion. There are plenty things I have worked on since then”

The fight against Lloyd Manning you won by split decision. The performance for me showed you have a lot of self-belief, grit and determination. Would it be fair to say these are traits of your style that you take into a fight with you.

“Yeah, I just enjoy the fight. When I get started there is no other feeling like it, only people who step in there know what I am talking about”

How did you feel heading into the later rounds of the fight in terms of your cardio and strength. What was the message being given to you by your corner team in between rounds.

“My cardio will also be good for fights. I train all year round, so I am normally in a decent shape all the time and step it up in preparation for a fight. I am always working on some new stuff to improve, always learning and always improving. My corner was great, they kept me relaxed, controlling me mentally and physically. They knew he was tired, so they kept pushing me to keep chipping away at him”

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