Scott Pederson “At Cage Warriors 87 I am going to put on a good performance and steal the show”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Scott Pederson as he prepares for his Cage Warriors 87 fight against Michal Figlak. Scott is ranked number 1 active UK/Ireland amateur lightweights and he is also the Cage Warriors Academy North West lightweight champion.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Scott. We are weeks away from your Cage Warriors 87 fight against Michal Figlak.  Could I ask for your thoughts on this fight.

“It is a good fight. Michal is a high-level fighter and I am looking forward to getting in there with another high-level amateur and getting the job done”

How much do you know about your opponent and from your own tape study what will you be looking to exploit come fight night.

“I know Michal is well rounded in all areas of the game. But, so am I and I am looking forward to putting on a good performance and stealing the show”

Could you tell our readers about yourself and how you became involved with MMA.

“I started with boxing at the age of 9 which led to kickboxing when I was 13 which eventually led to MMA when I was 16. I have been doing some sort of martial art for most of my life. I really love seeing improvements and the competition side of fighting there’s nothing like testing your skills against another man”

MMA in Wales has witnessed a real surge in talent being signed by big promotions. In your opinion, what is the feeling like in Wales with regards to MMA and what do you think has been the key to getting Welsh fighters the exposure they deserve.

“With the likes of my teammate Brett Johns’s and the likes of Jack Marshman and John Phillips being signed to the UFC it’s only going to get bigger. There are loads of young talent just waiting to break through to the bigger promotions. And I think in a good 5-6 years you could see about 8-10 fighters just from Wales in the UFC”

You are now 13 fights into your amateur career. You have shared cage space with the likes of Calum Murrie and Charlie Howard. You have been involved with title challenges and become champion. What have these experiences told you about yourself and you as a fighter.

“I have actually got 15 amateur fights, 2 are not on Tapology. But, the experiences I have had as an amateur I am really happy with. I am as game as they come and I am not scared to challenge myself. I think at amateur you should be willing to fight anyone to be ready for the pro game”

Looking back at those fights what improvements have you made to your current skill-set and in anyway have you adapted your approach to the fight game.

“Yeah, I have really worked on my fighter IQ instead of just going in there and having a tear up. I have been focusing on breaking the fight down and improving my skills-set across the board”

Going back to 2016. You fought an incredible six times winning all bouts. How did you mentally and physically approach each camp and fight to keep pushing yourself forward with your development.

“It wasn’t a problem. I really enjoy training and staying active there are no camps for me as I train all the time”

2017 started off rough for you as you lost Lewis Garside in February. Resulting in your current six-fight win streak being snapped. How did you pick yourself up after that fight and to get yourself spiritually motivated to keep moving forward

“I was frustrated but Lewis is an awesome fighter himself and we had a good fight. What annoyed me the most was that I was meant to have 2 more fights lined up after that and they fell through. But, I just picked myself back up got back to the gym and started getting better”

You are the current cage warriors north-west champion winning against Beau Gavin. Looking at the fight again. What takeaways did you take from that performance and how did it feel to become the amateur cage warriors champion.

“It felt amazing. Myself and Beau had a good fight. It wasn’t the most stylish of wins. But, I dug deep and got the job done. I know I can dig deep when it comes to it”

You are the number 1 ranked amateur fight in Tapology. Being champion and top of your division how do you keep that competitive fire burning and are you still hungry to pursue new amateur challenges after your next fight or will you look to turn professional.

“I train hard to earn those accomplishments. But, I am not stopping there and after the Figlak fight, I will be representing Wales and the UK In Bahrain at the amateur world championships and I plan on coming back as world champion”

How do you wish to finish off 2017 and what challenges are you looking to take on in 2018.

The goal is to beat Figlak he is a tough lad. But, I know I can get the job done and then to go on and win the world championship. After that, I will see what happens next”

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