Jawany Scott “I am a dangerous fighter – training with a dangerous team. I live for the fight game”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Jawany Scott as he prepares for his Cage Warriors 87 fight against Ash Williams. Jawany heads into this fight on a 4 fight win streak and his amateur record (7-0-1). Jawany is ranked 4th in the UK/Ireland amateur bantamweights.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Jawany. It has been announced you will be fighting Ash Williams at Cage Warriors 87. Could I get your thoughts on the fight.

“Thank you for having me on Combat Vision MMA. Yes on the 14th of October I face off against Ashley Williams in Wales. It will be a very entertaining fight I can assure you of that and I look forward to leaving Wales with the W…again”

From tape study with your coaches. What have you been working on in preparation for this fight and what will you be looking to exploit come fight night

To be honest I haven’t watched any videos on him. But myself and my team are very aware of his strengths and skill set. However, I still don’t see him posing a threat to me. I don’t specifically prepare for anyone. Because, when you’re in there anything can happen so I will adapt to whatever he decides to throw at me. What I can tell you is I will go in there to experiment with new things I have been practicing, have fun with it all and put on a great show”

Could you tell our readers about your MMA background.

I train out of Revolution Martial Arts in Kent with my head coach Steve O’Keefe. I have an amateur record of 7.0.1. I have been training and competing for about three and half years now in all aspects of MMA and I can’t wait to get back in the cage because it has been a while since my last MMA 

Could you tell our readers about your nutrition in camp. In terms of food and any supplementation.

Making weight is no problem for me at all. So, that gives me more time to focus and enjoy my training. To be honest, I don’t take any supplements at all, however, I am fortunate enough to have a great sponsor in Sulston’s Kitchen who provide me with a healthier food option which helps me to rehydrate come fight day”

This will be your third fight with Cage Warriors. How important has it been for your developing amateur career to be involved with this top European promotion and being exposed to the setup they can provide.

Fighting on Cage Warriors is a great opportunity within itself and with it being my 3rd fight with them against a supposedly skilled and tough opponent is even better. Being exposed to the set up they can provide and them being a top European promotion doesn’t affect or bother me at all. I just go in there for the enjoyment and experience no matter what stage or discipline it is. Because it is what I like to do”

You fight out of Revolution Martial arts. How important has it been for you and being a fighter training with this quality team and being exposed to the high level of coaching they can provide.

Revolution Martial Arts is the place to be. I am blessed to have great training partners like Kingsley Crawford and John McFadyen who are also on the come up and have tough upcoming fights. Nonetheless, I am sure they will get that W they deserve. I also train with the likes of Daniel Crawford who recently dominated and put away a good opponent to become the BAMMA featherweight champion with him coming into the team it has helped me to improve a lot of holes I had in my game. At RMA, the team is still growing and quickly too, this is due to the coaching me and my training partners are getting and allowing us to go from strength – strength. All these other gyms are going to see it because we are coming and they best be ready when we arrive”

Looking at your amateur record. You have shown you can end the fight early or go the distance. Is there a particular fight in your amateur career that expresses best the type of fighter you are.

I think that it’s fair to say I can finish the fight quickly or I can go the distance. However, if I had to choose, finishing a fight quickly is the best and most efficient way to go about it. I don’t think it’s really fair for me to pick a certain fight that sums up the kind of fighter I am. Because I believe I am a different fighter every time I step into the cage. Every time, I get in there I am a little more experienced, I am stronger, I am sharper and I learn more on what I can improve on for the next time”

You are unbeaten in eight fights. What has been the key to your consistent success inside the cage and how do you keep those feel-good vibes going into each fight and camp.

There is no key to the success. I just love what I am doing I train 3 or 4 times daily. I compete in many sports other than MMA. I have the best coaches Daniel Sam, Steve O’Keefe, Chris Cruze, the best training partners who help me to strengthen my weaknesses. I mean these guys I train with are dangerous guys and we are a dangerous team. I have a hunger to reach the top and I think that helps to make all the difference as well. To me, there is no camp because I am training whether I have a fight scheduled or not. It doesn’t even matter to me I live for this”

You are ranked 4th in the bantamweight division. Is there a body type or skill-set that you have in mind for later on this year or early 2018.

Yes, it’s stated, that I am ranked 4th. But, I do not go by rankings, as I see it I am number 1 because I show up and fight no matter the show or opponent. I have had opponents with a lot of hype and a lot of talk from big gyms turn down fights against me behind closed doors and pull out on me on late notices. But, this is all part of the game so I tend not to let it bother me. I am always looking for the next challenge whoever it may be”

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