Jamie MacDonald “I knew I was the only beast inside the cage at Headhunters Fighting Championship” – post fight interview

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Jamie MacDonald after his amateur MMA debut victory by 1st round TKO against Scott McLean at Headhunters Fighting Championship on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat vision MMA, Jamie. Congratulations on your amateur debut with. How did it feel to get your hand raised on Saturday evening.

“Getting my hand raised was possibly one of the best achievements I have had in a long time”

You won the fight by first-round TKO. When you engaged with your opponent and tagged him the first time did you feel the fight was over.

“I knew I was the more composed out of the two of us and I used that to my full advantage. I was the only beast in the cage”

Heading into the arena on fight night, getting your hands wrapped and making the cage walk. What was going through your head and how did you manage to keep yourself calm and composed.

“I was nervous until I got into the cage and then a strange calmness came over me and then autopilot switched on and I felt I belonged there”

What was the message being said to you by your coaches before making the cage walk for the first time.

“Ross Houston the boss in my gym said don’t stress about anything, keep calm and it is mine just take it”

You said to me after the fight that you don’t consider yourself as being talented but you are obsessed with putting in some serious graft to get what you are after. Could you explain to our readers what you meant by this.

“I train hard enough that anything should be possible for me to grab. Obsession is an addiction and an addiction takes over. This means I will train when I have any spare time I have got when working on split shifts from work. I train 20-30 hours every week and I will only get better”

You train out of SGB Inverness in terms of your developing amateur career. What does it mean for you to train with this well-respected gym and working with coaches like Ross Houston and Conor Imison.

“SBG Inverness has got the best coaches possible. Ross himself is a busy guy. But, still finds time to train me and others to compete at another level. SBG Inverness speaks for itself”

You also actively compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions. Could you tell our readers about your background in this field and do you feel this helps nurture your competitive side when getting into the cage.

“BJJ is my favourite thing to take part in. All the guys are nice that I have met at these competitions and I have made some decent friends also. I am as composed on the ground if not better than stand up. Believe me when I say this”

You made an immediate impact in your first fight. When can we expect to see Jamie MacDonald back inside the cage.

I want to go all the way to the top. I will be back in the cage when the time is right. I have Ju Jitsu competitions to do. I will be floating about and you will definitely see or hear from me before you know it”

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