(Exclusive) Richard Kiely “Alex Lohore has shown nothing but false bravery. For that I will take the fight, the belt and his chin”

Combat Vision MMA spoke exclusively to Richard Kiely this morning after newly crowned BAMMA welterweight world champion Alex Lohore called him out to fight at BAMMA 32, Dublin – November 10th 2017.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Richard. Could I get your thoughts on last night’s call out by Alex Lohore.

I think that was a rush of false bravery after his lucky win. I would say he is hiding under his bed now regretting he opened his mouth.  He is only the placeholder world champion and if he signs the contract, I will be leaving the 3Arena with a new belt and he will be leaving with a chinectomy”

Do you think Alex was too over energised last night in asking for the fight to take place in Dublin – your back yard.

Despite his fear. He knows I am the Face of BAMMA and this will be the biggest fight of the year. Every fighter wants to be a part of these fights even if he is going to end up on the end of another highlight-reel knockout”

Looking at Alex’s performance last night analytically. What were your thoughts overall and do you feel he is far too open when trying to engage with his opponents.

I think he was distinctly average and it was a lucky shot he won with. He is easy to hit. I am the fastest and the hardest hitting in the division and if he is that easy to hit when we fight he will be going home beltless and chinless”

You have commented that he is the “bore” Lohore. But, how will you suppress the aggression in those opening few minutes as this is where Alex is at his most dangerous.

I don’t need to suppress his aggression. We have seen all that Lahore the Bore has to offer but you’ve seen less than 10% of my skill-set. Just look at the McCabe fight to see what happens when someone is overly aggressive. I think McCabe’s ribs are still broke and I rate him a lot higher than the bore. I am not lying or trotting out fighter talk when I say this is an easy fight for me”

You are two months removed from your last fight. It feels there is still negativity surrounding how people view you as a credible title contender. How do you challenge those views and stay mentally focused on the task of getting an eventual title fight.

“I don’t need to challenge those views. I have had two highlight reel knockouts against two excellent opponents. Since my first fight; I have been the face of BAMMA, two knockout of the night performances, highest ticket sales in both shows, the people’s main event on both nights, biggest crowd reaction and even my last weigh in went viral. Anyone, who is complaining are just jealous fighters or their supporters are bitter that they haven’t taken to the big stage like I have”

In your opinion. Do you feel it had to take for a champion to call you out to get that title shot or do you believe regardless of call out’s BAMMA were already in that mindset in the next one or two fights.

It says it all when the world champion is calling me out. He knows, I am the Face of BAMMA and BAMMA know that I am the face of BAMMA so they had it in mind all along. They already offered the hide and seek champ Terence Brazier the fight but he was too scared. I don’t blame him in fairness. I would get a better fight off the heavy bag in the gym”

Do you still have unfinished business with Terry Brazier or are you done with him and have now moved on to pastures new.

“Terence has blocked me, because he could not handle the pressure and hype i was creating. That in itself is indicative that he has not got what it takes to be a main event draw. if he comes out of hiding, apologies, acknowledges that I am the Face of BAMMA then I will consider giving him a place in the queue”

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