Nathan Jones “It’s that season for me to become BAMMA world champion and Alex Lohore knows it”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Nathan “Mr Bag & Tag” Jones as he prepares for his BAMMA welterweight world title fight against Alex Lohore at BAMMA London on Friday 15th September 2017. Nathan has a professional record (11-5) with 8 first round finishes.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Nathan. Could I ask for your thoughts on the announced title fight with Alex Lohore.

“You know how it is, I will fight anyone. As long as I have enough time to prepare and get ready. Also, if a fight is a progression and I can move on from it, then I will take it. Alex fits the bill, plus he wants this fight and has done for a long time. But, it wasn’t the right time either money or circumstances. But, now it is right. He needs fighting, I need fighting and there is a title on the line. Whereas before it was just for the sake of fighting, this is a business and it needs to be right”

“There has been a lot of hype building up to this fight for around 2 or 3 years now and it needs to happen for me to move on with my life”

“I said to Jude at BAMMA. You hand me the cheques and I will hand out the tags”

As you commented this fight has been building up for a long time. Has it bothered you in any sort of way that he is coming to your BAMMA house because you have been with the promotion for six fights now.

“I have been paid my dues. Whereas, he is just a new kid on the block. In terms of London wise, we have both been around London for a long time. I am more southwest and he is more southeast so we are both representing our teams and countries. I would rather not fight anyone from my local area anymore I believe I am fighting at the next level. I am fighting for a world title, so let me fight people from around the world. I am a bigger fish in a bigger pool I want to start fighting these other fighters. But, right now I need to fight this guy from London and I am going to deal with the fighter in front of me”

Looking at your facebook posts taken in camp there seems to be a renewed energy and focus centered on you for this fight. There seems to be something totally different about this Nathan Jones than previously.

“It is for a world title, this is what I have been working for. Every time I wake up to go to the gym, every repetition, every new technique of an exercise and spar. It is gearing me up and evolving me into a new fighter. This is the finishing line and a test to see whether I am worthy to hold this title. I believe I am. I ready for this. So, my mindset has to reflect how I am as a person and as a fighter. I am just sharing with my followers what I am about and this is what I am about”

“I am fighting with no emotion. Just pure intellect and desire. I am looking forward to expressing myself. Yeah, there is a rivalry. But, when that cage door shuts and the klaxon sounds it is all business”

“This fight is about me. How I am going to perform. How am I going to turn up. What am I going to do” 

Looking at tape study with you and your coaches of Alex Lohore how will you neutralize the first round aggressive pace that he is known to set.

“Alex is tough but he is basic. Look at my record, look at all the tough fighters I have fought and he has got nothing that I haven’t seen or dealt with before. I didn’t go away Tristar to focus on just him as an opponent. This is about me and getting some piece of mind to focus on what I need to do and that is becoming a better fighter. Working on more fight intelligence, get fitter and stronger. I am battle ready, I know my skill-set is means tested and I know I can fight. It is about getting more polish and sharpening the tools of the trade. Come 15th of September I will be ready and I am excited”

“The longer this fight goes on the fans win. However, I don’t get paid overtime”

By the time 2017 has ended you will have made your Bellator debut and a possible BAMMA world champion. Would you consider 2017 to be your breakout year.

“You hit the nail on the head. At the end of the day, next year I am getting paid and that is all I care about. 2016 I was planting the seeds, now I am making things happen and next year I am getting paid”

“I am going to feel him out and then take him out”

Richard Kiely is currently trying to tempt Terry Brazier into a title fight. Should he not be successful he has commented on the possibility of taking on the winner of Lohore vs Jones. What are your thoughts on his comment and would you consider this fight as a potential first defense.

“Who the fook is that guy”

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