Alex Lohore “I will be world champion and shutdown Nathan Jones for good with speed and power”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Alex “Da Kid” Lohore as he prepares for his BAMMA welterweight world title fight against Nathan Jones at BAMMA London on Friday 15th September 2017. Alex has a professional record of (12-1) with 7 first round finishes.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Alex. Could I get your thoughts on fighting Nathan Jones for the BAMMA Welterweight World Championship.

I think fighting him for a world title is a great choice for me. Myself and Nathan have a long time rivalry. To be able to get a world title and shut him up is a bonus”

This will be your BAMMA promotional debut. How did this fight come about.

The fight came about because I asked for it when I signed for BAMMA. I told them I wanted to fight for that belt and nothing else. I think I am the best welterweight on the BAMMA roster and I need contenders to prove it”

By the time 2017 has ended you will have made your Bellator and BAMMA debut and a possible world champion. Would you consider 2017 to be your breakout year.

“I definitely consider this year as my breakout year yes. Because of what I have achieved and what I am going to achieve. I feel ready to take on the world, ready to learn more and win more”

Both yourself and Nathan have first round finishes and the ability to end the fight quickly. What can the fans look forward to in this fight.

For the fans, all I can say is, do not blink. You are about to see MMA at its highest level and I see the fight going very well for me in the first round”

You fight out of New Wave Academy. What is the vibe like at the gym as you prepare for a world title and how important has training with New Wave been to shaping you into not only a title contender but a world champion.

“It’s great at New Wave. The guys are all cool and supportive, I have easy access to the gym and I can work on anything I need to work on at anytime I want to. That is a big advantage. Also, I get high-level BJJ classes there with the great black belt Tiago Valente aka “sharpey” making sure my grappling for MMA is on point. A good friend of mine and now officially my boxing coach for the last 4 fights we have Duane Sinclair aka “hotshot” taking care of my hands and he is doing a great job”

You head into this fight on an 8 fight win streak with 7 first round finishes. What has been the key to your success inside this cage and would you consider yourself to have the heaviest hands in the Welterweight division.

The key to my success has been hard work, dedication and enjoying what I do. I don’t know about my hands been the heaviest of the all welterweight division. But, all I know is that speed and accuracy beats power all day”

Could you tell our readers how the bad blood between yourself and Nathan originated. Also, heading into this fight what do you think separates yourself from Nathan inside the cage.

The bad blood started when I asked to fight him for a title at a promotion called Fury MMA and he did not like the challenge. What separates myself from him in the cage is that I am faster, stronger, younger and more experienced. I want it more than him and I will prove that on September 15 at Wembley Arena. If anyone wants to see MMA at its best and highest level you should get a ticket. It’s a night you do not to miss, trust me”

Richard Kiely is currently trying to tempt Terry Brazier into a title fight. Should he not be successful he has commented on the possibility of taking on the winner of Lohore vs Jones. What are your thoughts on his comment and would you consider this fight as a potential first defense.

Who the fook is that guy”

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