Kane Mousah “I will head into the fight with Alex Enlund all guns blazing. He is in for a rough night at ACB 70”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Kane “The Danger” Mousah after it was announced he would be fighting Alex Enlund at ACB 70 Sheffield on Saturday 23rd September 2017. Kane has a professional record (9-1) with 5 first round finishes.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Kane. Could I ask for your thoughts on the fight with Alex Enlund at ACB Sheffield.

“It is going to be a great fight for the fans and it is going to be a tough fight for the both of us. It is a fight I know I am going to win just because I bring too much to the table. I know Alex has his strengths with his grappling attributes and he can strike himself. But, there is different levels to this game and when I get into the cage with Alex I am going to demonstrate what I have been working on. Alex is going to come up against an energy that he has never been faced with and somewhere along the line he is going to break”

“Speak your mind Alex. I am not really arsed with what he thinks. But, the fans and media want to hear what we have to say. It is probably best Alex shuts his mouth because he doesn’t want to get into a verbal battle with me”

This fight with Alex has the makings of a classic striker vs grappler match up. Will you keep the fight standing up and how you neutralise Alex’s level changes and back attacks

“Don’t forget the majority of my fights have been won on the ground. Even though he is a submission fighter in that respect. I am still a ground fighter and my wrestling skills are at a high level even when I competed. So, it is not to say this fight is gonna be striker vs grappler. It is gonna be whatever it is going to be because Alex can strike too. I like grappling aswell and you never know what happens in a fight. I could go in there and start grappling and Alex could go in there and start striking. You just never know and that’s where mystery and excitement comes into play. Let’s get in there and see what happens”

“At the end of the day you look at your fighter and you look at his strengths. You put things in place to deal with those strengths, then you crack on with your own application and what you are going to do to him”

Yourself and Alex both have many first round finishes in your professional career. What can the fans look forward to in this fight.

“The fans can look forward to Kane Mousah going in there and applying his game which is to put pressure on Alex and get him on his toes. I will let Alex know he is in for a rough night and there will be no grabbing or holding none of that will be happening to me. It is going to be crazy and I am going in there all guns blazing. I will not be taking my foot off the gas. Let’s see what Alex brings to the table to deal with me”

There are a couple of positives for you heading into this fight. In the rankings this will propel you into the top 10 and will allow you to solidify yourself as being the best in the lightweight division with the pedigree that Alex brings. Do you feel this fight will open a lot of avenues for you in ACB and will eventually lead to a title shot.

“ACB is the best promotion outside of the UFC and I am happy to be a part of it. Moving forward, this win over Alex will solidify me and let everyone know that Kane Mousah is not here to play games. I have been in this sport for a long time, I went to prison and when I came out I had to do certain things to be able to get through the fight game. Half of the fights I was in I was working full time whilst I was training. Over the past year, I have been able to train full time and get my business in order with my company and other bits and bobs.

“In this fight people will see what I can do. As I have now been able to train as a full time MMA fighter”

Looking at your performance against Lewis Monarch at ACB 54. You were unhappy with your cardio and you were going to do some work with John McIlvoy. Have you done this work and what improvements have you seen.

“John has sent me some workouts, I have been attacking them and we are seeing some crazy results at the moment. Results that we have never seen before, at a work rate I have never been able to put out before. In the next four weeks we will be stepping it up. Within the next two weeks, I feel for anyone that has to step in the cage with me for sparring or get on the mats because I am taking no prisoners”

Your only loss came against Marc Diakese. How did you mentally deal with that loss and have you made any self improvements.

“The fight with Marc. Listen, I understand who I am as a person and I understand the variables that went into my fight camp. I went into that fight and my mind was not in the fight. When I got into the cage with Marc, it was not me who he was facing it was someone who was empty in a way”  

“In this fight, I am hyped up and I have the right people around me. My uncle is back and the mental application is there. I will stand and bang with anyone and I have bounced back successfully. I always take the tough fights, anyone who goes into the cage with me is going to get annihilated”

“Going to prison has made me a more resilient character. I have seen people get stabbed in the face with pens and kill themselves on the wing. My mindset and willpower is on a different level. Alex ain’t seen the dark things that I have. He will on fight night when he faces me”

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