Alex Enlund “I have a deep understanding of Martial Arts that goes way beyond technique”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Alex Enlund after it was announced he will be returning to the cage against Kane Mousah at ACB 70 in Sheffield on Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Alex. It’s great to have you back inside the cage. Could I ask how you are feeling and your thoughts on the confirmed fight with Kane Mousah at ACB Sheffield.

I think it’s a pretty good fight. It’s clearly caused a lot of interest which is good too. I am feeling a little excited as always and I just want to focus on showing those watching how much better I am getting everyday”

How does it feel to be back not only competing. But, to be back in a competitive camp for a fight and do you feel Kane is the correct type of fighter for you on your come back.

I love the idea of competing. There is an emptiness that you get from fighting that’s unlike anything else. The freedom of being immersed completely in the present is special. I didn’t think about the type of fighter I would face. ACB contacted my manager and offered us a featherweight fight, we told them we wanted 155lbs and here we are”

“As far as training camp goes, I train hard all year round. I was pushing out hard rounds of grappling when I was under investigation for a brain tumour and I have never stopped training and I won’t stop even when my career is over as a fighter”

You head into ACB Sheffield on a 7 fight win streak with 10 first round finishes and you were also a Cage Warriors champion. Do you feel you bring something different to the table in the ACB lightweight division.

I think I bring something different to most fighters. I really believe I’m unique in my approach both mentally and technically. I am way more than just a fighter. I also know I have proven that every time I fight, I get better as a Martial Artist”

How did you come to the conclusion that ACB was the best destination for your career moving forward and were there any other promotions involved speaking to you.

“We spoke to a few promotions. ACB came in and we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity, so we took the fight”

You have been out of the cage for more than a year. How difficult has it been for you not only as a professional athlete but as a person and how did you mentally compact and process everything that has been going on.

I have had long brakes before. Between fighting Artem and beating Nad for the Cage Warriors title. I had 9 months off in that time. I had a severe neck injury, after the Nad fight and I couldn’t get booked with Cage Warriors taking a break from putting on events and I sat out 11 months. I have always come back better”

Looking at the circumstances of your exit from the UFC. Your health is first and foremost important. Do you think the reaction from the UFC was over the top or justified.

With what was under investigation, it took a lot of time to rule things out. The doctors I was working with were some of the very best in their field. The contract I signed I said I was medically fit to compete, that was questioned along with my life really. The UFC have a huge roster and I can’t control their decision. I’m just looking forward to fighting”

What can the fans look forward to in your performance at ACB Sheffield and do you think the break away from the cage has given you the time to adapt your skill set and allow you to go more in-depth with your training and yourself as a fighter.

My skills always improve. I had only been with Coach Tanswell for 10 weeks prior to my last fight and we took out a TUF veteran in a flawless victory. Now we have worked together for well over a year. I am also way more mature and have a deeper understanding of Martial Arts that goes beyond technique and into what’s most important. Its application”

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