Alexander Jacobsen “I am ready to become Cage Warriors Champion. I am preparing for war with Chris Fishgold”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Alexander “Bad Romance” Jacobsen after it was announced today that he will be fighting defending Cage Warriors lightweight champion Chris Fishgold at Cage Warriors 88 at the Echo Arena, Liverpool on Saturday, October 28th, 2016. Alexander heads into this fight on an 8 fight winning streak with 6 first round finishes.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Alexander. Could I get your thoughts on the announced title fight with Chris Fishgold.

“I am super ready and happy for the title fight against Fishgold”

Your Cage Warriors title shot comes in only your third fight. When you signed for Cage Warriors did you expect this to happen so quickly.

When I do something I go all in. My goal is always to go to the top. I was beating good guys and I think it’s time to show who I am”

Yourself and Chris head into this fight with many first round finishes in your pro career. What do you think this says about the type of fight that fans attending should expect to see.

I think it will be a war and a good match up. The crowd will love it”

In your pro career you have won and defended a lightweight title with a previous promotion. Do you feel this will help you with the mental side of competing for your second title and coming to Liverpool and spoiling the party.

It’, of course, a good experience. I have been a champion all my life in boxing, k-1 and MMA.  So, this is just another day in the office”  

Chris Fishgold heads into this fight on a 7 fight winning streak. In any of those performances what positives and negatives have you seen in his fighting style that you will be looking to exploit come fight night.

We never talk about the positive and negative sides. But, I know Fishgold is world level. So, it will be a tough fight”

Could you give our readers any insight into your camp for this fight and will you be working on anything in particular.

Right now we are working home in my city. It is a very good level for martial arts. I will also travel some weeks to different places. But, most of the time I will be home. I have a good team, coaches, and all I need here. So, we keep the winning plan which has always been working.
Just even more better this time. I can’t wait, I am so ready for it”

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