Jessica Borga “I am going to try to fight as much as possible and have more big fight experiences”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Jessica “The Black Widow” Borga after her first round knockout of Angela Young at NEF 30: Rumble in Bangor. Jessica is a two time amateur champion with four first round finishes. Jessica’s amateur record is (6-3)

Thank you for talking to Combat Vision MMA, Jessica. Could you tell our readers how you got involved with MMA.

I got involved with MMA because people kept pushing me to do it. They said I would be amazing at it. So, I started and I fell in love with it. MMA has changed me in so many different ways and helped me in so many aspects of my life already. It has taught me a lot about myself and much more”

You have 4 first round finishes in your amateur career. Could you tell our readers what this says about the type of fighter you are.

I would say I have shown that I’m aggressive fighter and the more I learn I am becoming more well-rounded. I like to show what I am capable of”

You have experienced 3 losses in your amateur career. What have you learned about yourself as a fighter from these losses and have you made any self improvements.

I have learned a lot in those losses; from weight cutting, weight classes, what I need to work on”

You started your amateur career as a flyweight. But, the larger portion of your career has been competed at bantamweight. Was there a specific reason for moving up in weight and do you feel any benefits making this adjustment.

“Weight cutting has affected what I fight at. I am new to the weight cutting process and I am still learning. I plan to fight at what I feel I am most comfortable and best at. I feel stronger at 135 yet a little slower. So, there is good and bad to go up and down in weight classes. I have fought at 125, 130, 135, 140 and 145”

Two months out from a fight. Could you tell our readers about your diet, looking at meals and any supplementation.

“Two months out, if I have that much time, which a lot of the time I don’t even have that much time to prepare for a fight. I try to eat as clean as possible and up my cardio and train as much as possible. I don’t use much any supplements besides aminos and protein powder”

You have won two amateur championships in your career. How much has being involved in these big fight experiences helped your developing amateur career.

I have had the honor of traveling and having a lot a “big fight” experiences and I am so grateful for it. It is going to help me a lot when I go pro”

You fight out of Champions MMA. Could you tell our readers about the type of fighters and coaches you work with on a daily basis.

“Champions MMA, I would say is one of the most amazing gyms with some of the toughest fighters I have met. I see more heart and dedication in my training partners than anywhere else I have been, love and discipline from the coaches. My coach has put in a lot of time and effort into me and I appreciate everything. They really are my family, I love and appreciate all of them”

You have fought three times in 2017. Do you feel it is essential being an amateur to get as much cage experience as possible and how did you both mentally and physically prepare to be in constant camp and fight mode during this period of time.

I truly believe you should get as much experience as possible, being an amateur fighter. That’s what it’s there for and a lot of people refuse to use it. People jump too fast to go pro and then ruin their career. I was actually scheduled to fight more than what I have already in 2017 but stuff happens”

Lastly, What does 2017 have in store for Jessica Borga.

I am just going to try to fight as much as possible. My coach will let me know when I am fighting again and or when I should go pro. But, I intend to stay as busy as possible”

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