Chris Bungard “I will finish Freakshow Fletcher and bring the title home to Holytown because I live for this shit”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Chris “The Bad Guy” Bungard as he prepares for his British Lightweight championship fight against Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher at Made4TheCage FC: Legacy on Saturday 2nd September 2017. Chris professional record stands at (10-3) with 9 first round finishes.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Chris. Looking back at your previous fight against Enrico Manicaro. You showcased beautiful explosive power to get the win. How much of that performance was down to the game plan set in camp.

“I didn’t really go in with a game plan, to be honest. The take down was there early in the fight and I know I can take down anyone I face. From then on, it was all about being relentless with pressure. But, also be patient and the finish would come”

Looking at your Facebook posts. It is visible to see that you are working hard on your boxing, strength and conditioning and BJJ. Would it be fair to say there is a different sort of drive and focus heading into this fight. Maybe because this type of fight will allow you to cement yourself as being the best in the lightweight division.

“I work on all aspects of the game every day. I am a well rounded mixed martial artist. You can’t be caught slacking in any areas or you will be found out pretty quickly. Yeah, I’m 100% more focused on this fight. Colin is an excellent well-known fighter who will come for a war every time. I can’t wait to meet him in the middle and see what he has”

Do you feel this fight with Fletcher has a sense of the torch being passed from old to new. Once you have beaten Colin, do you feel the performance and how you carry out this task is everything to stop promotions and fighters from maybe overlooking you moving forward.

No, I don’t think so. Fighting is in Colin’s blood. I am sure he will fight for years to come. But, for me, this is the fight I need to push myself forward. To be honest, I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me as a person or fighter. I have been doing shit my way since day one and that’s not going to change anytime soon”

Just to touch on the striking side of your skill set. I noticed a post of you working with your boxing coach Lawrence Murphy for this fight. How much has the work you have been putting into your boxing added depth to you as a striker and could you give our readers an insight into the type of work you do.

Yeah, I have been working with my boxing coach Lawrence for years now. He is a former world champion and has great knowledge in the sport. We are constantly working on all aspects of the sport with the likes of footwork, distance & getting my hands tight and when to throw the correct shots at the right times. He is also a good Celtic man which always helps. But do not ever ask him about Mac/May (he laughs)

Looking at your next fight against Colin Fletcher for the British Lightweight Title. Colin has not fought at Lightweight since 2015 and his last 6 fights have been contested at Welterweight. Are there any concerns on your part on him making weight for the fight and is your plan to turn the gas on from the start or to slowly take him into deep waters in the later rounds.

No. I do think he will make the weight he is training hard and has made lightweight a lot of times in the past. But, I do know it will definitely be a harder cut. Yes, with the pace we go at, I do think I will put him away in the 3rd round. It will 100% be a war I can tell you that”

In your career, you have fought in big promotions like ACB and BAMMA. You have also competed and won professional titles before. Do you feel these experiences are all added confidence boosters heading into the fight and will allow you to mentally prepare yourself for the task at hand.

This will be my 27th MMA fight in 6 years. That’s not just experience, that’s work rate. I have fought on the biggest shows in Europe and trained with the best fighters in the world. I will fight any man God has ever made and the venue or crowd size is never a factor. I live for that shit”

You have respect for Colin and for what he has done in his MMA career. However, he is heading into this fight with three losses and two wins. Have you seen anything in these performances that you will be looking to exploit come fight night and how do you see the first round unfolding.

I watched his last fight against Miller. It was slow paced. But, he looked good, however, I bring a totally different game to that guy and he knows it. At the end of the day, Colin has his skills and I have mine. We will make weight, meet in the middle and take the roof of that place. I will be hated in there. But, I am ok with that. Funny enough the remake of the film “IT” comes out that week too and we all know how that ends for the clown. It’s going to be bloody. But, I will finish Colin and bring my 3rd professional title back home to Holytown”

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