Polly Beauchamp “Headhunters FC is not only my comeback but the end of a difficult time in my career”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Trojan Free Fighters Polly Beauchamp after it was confirmed she will be fighting Vari Malone at Headhunters FC on 16th September 2017. Polly’s amateur record is (3-2)

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Polly. Could you tell our readers about your background in K1 and Kickboxing.

I started kickboxing before I started MMA training. I had a few kickboxing fights and a k1 fight before transitioning to MMA. To have the experience of competing before definitely helped when it came to my first MMA bout”

Do you try and integrate the striking you have learned from that background into your current MMA base.

“Definitely. Everything I have learned over the years helps with the MMA game. Different things work depending on your game plan and opponent”

You fight out of Trojan free fighters Gloucester. Could you tell our readers about the coaches and fighters you train with on a daily basis.

Trojan is a great gym. I travel 60 miles each way to get there, which is totally worth it for the training I get.  The coaches there are very experienced and I have a lot of respect for them and their training methods, particularly head coach Paul Sutherland who I work with the most”

“There is a mix of males/females who compete and train in different disciplines and although it’s sometimes hard to get training partners my weight, there is respect between members and we all try to help each other out.  The majority of my training is done at Trojan (4-5 days a week). But, I also train with a boxing coach at Contender Gym in Melksham once a week too”

How important has training with Trojan Free Fighters been to your developing amateur career.

“Extremely important.  I feel training at Trojan has really improved my game.  The support and coaching is great and I don’t feel I would have got anywhere really without that”

It has been over a year since you were in the cage. Has there been a reason for this absence and has there been any frustration for you to be out this long. Also, has the absence given you the time to reset and work on your skillset more.

“It has been a while! Unfortunately, I completely ruptured my ACL and it required surgery which is why I have been out so long. It was frustrating and part of me thought about packing it all in, because the recovery time was so long (9-12 months) and I’m not getting any younger. But, that thought passed quickly. I was absolutely relentless with my physio and I became determined to make a comeback”

“I worked on anything I could as early as possible and it took a boxing fight 9 months after surgery to get me used to competing again. I actually feel the time out has helped me, I feel I have had the time to improve my game in all area’s and I feel more confident now than before”

It has been announced that you will be fighting Vari Malone at Headhunters FC in September. Could I ask for your thoughts on the fight.

I don’t know a huge amount about Vari. Our records are fairly similar and I know she trains out of a respected gym. I think it will be a good fight”

Your last fight was at Cage Warriors 76 winning by way of majority decision. How happy were you with your performance on the night and was there any takeaways coming out of that fight that you will be working on for your upcoming fight in September.

I wasn’t at all happy with the performance in my last fight. It was probably my worst performance. However, my ACL was completely ruptured at the time, so I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself”

Could give our readers any insight into your training camp and could you speak about your diet when in camp with regards to meals and any supplementation.

“I train a lot all the time anyway as I want to try and stay fairly ready in case any opportunities come up. But, the intensity gets pushed more when I am training for a fight.  I train 6 days a week to make sure everything is covered.  My diet is fairly good anyway. But, I have to be slightly stricter when training for a fight. I am lucky I walk around about 53/54kg anyway so I don’t ever need to cut weight. I just make sure I restrict my calories whilst getting the right fuel for my body so I have strength and energy whilst training. I do love food though, so I have to cut out the treats. But, I’m lucky I can still eat properly all the way through camp. I am also lucky enough to be sponsored by SCI-MX Nutrition, so I always have the best protein shakes/protein bars and BCAA’s accessible throughout camp which helps with muscle fatigue etc”

2015 was a difficult time in your amateur career which brought two defeats. What have those losses told you about yourself as a fighter.

“It was hard having 2 back to back losses, both by way of split decision. But, I did learn from both. 1 made me look at the way I fight and the way others may perceive a fight so I made a few changes. The other 1, I feel was purely down to strength so I worked on getting stronger straight away, the losses only made me learn”

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