Dylan Logan “The sky’s the limit for how far I can go in MMA. Each day I am improving my skill set”

Combat Vision MMA conducted an interview with SBG Ireland fighter Dylan Logan as he prepares for his Battlezone 17 fight with Tom Moore at the Trinity Sports Centre, Donaghmede on Saturday 19th August 2017.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Dylan. You will be fighting at Battlezone 17. Could I get your thoughts on fighting on one of Ireland’s most iconic promotions.

“My mentality for this fight is that it is just a fight. Regardless of where it is, my job is the same and that’s all I’ll be focusing on. At the same time, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have such a great platform like Battlezone”

Could you tell our readers how you got into MMA and your background in Karate.

“I got into MMA because it seemed like the next logical step to improve myself both physically and mentally. My background in Karate would be quite extensive, I started at 8 years old and jumped into my first tournament couple weeks later. Before you know it, I’m flying out to Belgium with the Irish squad, to compete in the world championships and then the next thing I am world champion. I didn’t expect anything out of myself going over, I competed with a clear mind and no distractions. I think this is a very important mentality to have rather than putting all this unnecessary pressure just to go in and compete.

You train out of SBG Ireland. What are the training sessions like with this well-known and respected gym. How good an experience is it to have John Kavanagh and the team in your corner.

The training sessions are world-class each and every day. I feel like a better version of myself as there are so many different styles under one roof and so many different brains to pick about this beautiful sport. Yeah, it’s great, I have had the same people working my corner since I first made that walk and it will stay that way until I stop fighting. I am forever grateful for the team I have behind me”

Could you tell our readers how you deal with fight week from getting into the zone to dealing with the weight cut to refuelling and rehydration for fight night.

I don’t really change or get into the zone as they say. I just stay nice and relaxed, let my reactions take over. The weight cut is no problem, there is a method the team use and it is a winning method. For this last fight, it was the smoothest weight cut I have ever done. But, unfortunately, I never refuelled correctly”

“I am very lucky that this time it is a lesson learned and I will be back up to 100%. To have  such experienced team mates who have been through exactly what I have been through and who can give me some solid advice is honestly a game changer”

You turned professional in 2016. How did you come to the conclusion that you were ready to take your career to the next level after only four amateur fights.

“I wanted to test myself and I felt the tests I needed were at the professional level. My rounds of sparring against high-level professionals, myself and my team know that the sky’s the limit for how far I can go with this”

Your last fight was at BAMMA 30 against Arann Maguire. How much of a positive experience was it for you to get onto this card and to witness the exposure that BAMMA can provide on only your second professional fight.

“Listen don’t get me wrong BAMMA was a great experience. But, at the end of the day, a fight is a fight and that is my mentality going into all the upcoming fights. They are all the same and it doesn’t matter how many people they stick around. The job at hand is the same and this is something I feel clicked with me after the last fight. So, in terms of a positive experience, I do believe it has done wonders for myself both as a person and as a martial artist”

In two professional fights, you are still searching for a win. How mentally taxing has it been for you to put a lot of hard work into each camp and still striving to achieve a positive outcome. Also, what have these performances learned you about yourself as a fighter.

As long as each day I improve and have fun, I know the performances will come. I learn a lot each time I step up, If it’s a win or loss, either way, I learn. But, what I have learned the most is to not get caught up in all this other bullshit, the only thing that truly matters is your skill set and this is something I am improving daily”

Could you tell our readers about your diet two months from a fight. In terms of nutrition, meals and supplementation.

“In the build up to a fight, it is important for me and my body to maintain a well-balanced diet and eating plenty of good food. Far as supplements go, I take fish oils and a protein shake every now and again. Not really mad for the supplements, I try to get my goodness from proper food”

Looking ahead to Battlezone 17. What can the fans attending the event expect to see from your fight and could you give our readers any Insight to what will your training camp consist of.

“In the build up to Battlezone 17. The fan can expect to see me return to my winning ways, being loose and relaxing. Most importantly, watch me having fun. The training camp consists of improving my skills and smashing my cardio”

What does 2017 have in store for Dylan Logan.

“2017 has plenty of travelling and plenty of competition and nothing but love. See you all at Battlezone”

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