Cal Ellenor “Fighting internationally is a dream of mine. Destination Extreme Fighting Championship”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Cal “Pacino” Ellenor after it was announced that he had signed for Extreme Fighting Championship and will debut with the promotion at EFC 62 against Gareth Buirski. Cal’s professional career is (5-0) with 4 first round finishes.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Cal. Congratulations on signing with EFC. What are your thoughts on the signing being announced.

“First of all thank you, James. I am glad that my signing has finally been announced. There were talks of me signing with EFC around the time I was fighting on ACB a few months ago. But, it never came around and I ended up fighting elsewhere”

How did the EFC deal come about and could you tell our readers how many fights you are signed up for.

“My signing ended up coming around because a fight got offered to my coach and he thought I would be the right person to fill the slot. Upon accepting the fight and the terms EFC then decided to sign me on a 6 fight deal and are flying me out within the next couple of weeks for media and to prepare for my fight”

Was there any other offers from other promotions or when you heard about EFC being interested that was the only deal that you were focused on.

“I got offered odd fights here and there which fell through. One on Bellator, which I accepted, but then never ended up happening. Then another on ACB, which also fell through due to the cancellation of the show when the promotion switched the venue to Poland. When EFC offered me this contract, I couldn’t refuse. Fighting internationally is a dream of mine and it’s a great organization that I am really looking forward to being part of”

You are (5-0). Do you feel this signing has come at the perfect time in your career. Also, what do you see as your road map to making it to the top of the EFC featherweight division.

“I think this is just the start of showing people what’s to come. I am 5-0 now. But, I  haven’t actually been able to show my true skill set to date and I know this is a huge platform for me to be able to do that. I will take it one fight at a time, but who knows, maybe after this fight I will have a look at the bantamweight division or I will stay at featherweight. Either way, I  know people will enjoy my fights and that’s what matters most to me. Being entertaining”

Gareth Buirski is currently (7-5) in EFC. Looking at footage of his previous fights what do you see as his positives and negatives inside the cage. And what will you be looking to exploit come fight night.  

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t watched my opponents footage. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Usually, I leave it up to my coaches to come up with a game plan and I am more than happy to go in there and adapt as the fight goes on. I know he can wrestle and I know he is quite evasive. It’s a nice test for me to go in there and show people my cage knowledge and how effective my control is”

Could you give our readers any insight into your training camp for this fight. Is there anything you will be working on specifically.

“For this fight, I am training exactly like I always do. Constant grind and hard work. Obviously, for each fight, there are specifics thrown in there. But, I am not really making any drastic changes, just sharpening the tools I already have. At TFT, I genuinely feel like we have someone for every style. There’s some serious talent in our gym, my coach and training partner Andrew Fisher is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to MMA. My striking coach Dale Atkinson is also helping me get everything in tune and ready for my fight. I can’t wait to get in there and show Johannesburg what I am all about.

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