Joshua Aveles “Hardwork and dedication will lead me to an ACB title shot”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post-fight interview with Joshua “El Rey” Aveles after his unanimous decision victory against Leandro Silva at ACB 65. Joshua is currently (2-0) with ACB and has a professional record (26-11-2)

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Joshua. Congratulations on the victory last night. How did it feel to get your hand raised.

“It felt good getting my hand raised. I just wish I didn’t get hit as much and get my eye cut open. I would have finished him when I had him. But, the bonus helped me smile about it a little more”

The fight against Leonardo Silva. You showed elusive footwork and pinpoint striking. How happy were you with the performance and how much of last night’s performance was all down to the gameplan.

“Like I said I’m not too happy. Because I got cut but I guess you can say my technique help me fight back and land what I needed to land. I am happy with the performance because I got a fight of the night bonus. I don’t go in a fight with a game plan, I go into fights knowing it is going to be a fight and anything can happen. So, I train for the best me and fill in all my holes in my game. When I feel I have trained well, Joshua can compete against anyone”

Leonardo had you in some trouble in the first round. But you returned fire to score multiple knockdowns. What was going through your head in that round and did you feel any sense of trouble.

“Yeah Silva caught me with some great shots and had me in some trouble. All I was thinking was “oh hell no this fool did not just make me look stupid” (haha)”

“I knew I was in some trouble and I knew I had to come back and get mine in to be able to get the tide to change and boom it happened”

How was fight week for you.

I felt great with the trip. I enjoyed my trip. The only problem we had, was my coach Romie and I didn’t get our luggage from the airline for 2 days after we landed. Other than that, it was great”

I read someone that you decided to stick with MMA. When did you come to the juncture in your pro career where you feel you needed a break and what changed your mind to stay.

“Yeah, I stuck with this game after I had a very rough start to my career. I mean I started 1-7-1 maybe with that start I should have stopped. But that start was all my fault, I didn’t train ever for a fight other than maybe a week or 2 before the fights. I just realized I needed to refocus and dedicate myself to my craft. Ever since I did that I’m 24-4-1 and I turned my record around drastically now I’m 25-11-2. Which is was better now”

This is your second win at ACB. What are your thoughts on the promotion and your respective lightweight division.

“I love ACB. They gave me a chance to come overseas and perform. Now they are helping me get a name internationally. To be totally honest, I have no idea who is in the lightweight division in ACB. I respect everyone, I know if there are in my division I need to be ready. Because, I am the American coming over here and I have the target on my back, which I have no problem with. I’m looking for a title shot, I beat 2 of the top guys in ACB and I want a TITLE SHOT

You are now on a four fight win streak. In your opinion what has been the key to your success inside the cage that has sparked this soaring run of victories.

“Yeah, I am on a bit of a streak right now. The key to my success is 2 simple things; hard work and dedication mixed in with a great team behind me over here at Millennia MMA”

What does 2017 have in store for Joshua Aveles. Would you like another fight and if so, who do you have anyone in mind.

“My next fight I would really love to fight for the title. No disrespect to the champ or anything, I just want to fight for the title. When ACB signed me, it wasn’t to just be another fucking guy to fill the roster. My nickname is ‘EL REY’ which means ‘THE KING’ so I want “THE CROWN

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