Sam Boult “Making my debut at ACB 65 was amazing. I executed the game plan perfectly”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post-fight interview with Sam Boult after his first round submission win over Adam Boussif at ACB 65. This was Sam’s promotion debut and his professional record is (8-1)

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Sam. Congratulations on the victory tonight. How did it feel to get your hand raised on your promotional debut.

“It was amazing. The extra interviews and press, plus it was last-minute asking everyone to come and watch before the fight so it felt like there was a lot of pressure to do well”

When you were in the back before making the cage walk. How did you mentally prepare yourself. Because this fight was a big step for you and your pro career due to promotional platform that ACB operates on.  

“The show was very fluid so there wasn’t much waiting about. I tried to listen to my corner team more too, so there was less to think about”

You defeated Adam Boussif via submission in round 1. How much of tonight’s performance was based on the game plan set by your team.

“It’s funny. Because, this is probably the only fight I can think of where there was a set plan where we all agreed on exactly what I was meant to do and it happened. I could have made some money betting on and my coaches were happy too”

Do you feel this performance has wiped clear the memory of your first defeat against Adam Proctor and looking back at that defeat.

“It seemed like 2017 had started off as a complete disaster. First, myself and Matt Bolsover got jumped in Manchester, I then got filled in by Adam and I was starting to lose some confidence.  Luckily, I had a lot of coaches and training partners being supportive, so I managed to make a quick turn around”

Your professional record is now 8-1. In your opinion, what has been your key to having such success inside the cage.

“Rich Powell-Pepper who set up Sheffield Shoot fighters was ahead of his time and gave all his fighters a strong wrestling base. This has allowed me to be able to use my strengths in my fights. Luckily, I never seem to get bored with Martial Arts 24/7 either.

This is now the sixth submission in your professional career. Could you give our readers any insight to the work you put in on your ground game and would you consider this to be your biggest weapon inside the cage.

“I like to get a couple of gi or no gi sessions a week.  I like training both. I think the MMA submissions come more from fight IQ and decision-making rather than how good your ground game is. Some guys whoop me when it’s grappling only. But, not when it is MMA and visa versa”

You fight out of Sheffield Shootfighters . Could you tell our readers about the fighters and coaches you train with on a daily basis.

Sheffield Shootfighters has got a really strong amateur scene coming through. I think they will be getting a lot of attention soon. My Coaches are as follows: (Richard Powell-Pepper: MMA) (Wayne Reed: Boxing) (Medhi Firoozi: Kick boxing) (Paul Cole: Jiu Jitsu) Paul Lukowski: Jiu jitsu and has also took over my fitness conditioning) (Carl Prince: worked with my sanity) (Ben Poppletons: been trying to teach me the benefits of belly dancing). I have also went over and worked as a coach at Equilibrium MMA in Beijing, China.

What does 2017 have in store for Sam Boult.

I have freed up more time to train and I have been able to concentrate on making a lot of improvements.  Hopefully, I get another 2 or 3 fights out at least and keep getting better”

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