Aaron Aby “I want to keep moving up the rankings and test myself”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post-fight interview with Aaron Aby after his first round submission of Sam Halliday at ACB 65. Aaron is now (2-0) with ACB and has a professional record of (9-3)

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Aaron. Congratulations on the victory last night. How did it feel to get your hand raised.

“It felt great it always does! It’s a great show and competing is always an awesome feeling and experience. I get to experience it with great people and I am thankful for the people who make it possible”

You beautifully submitted Sam Halliday in the first round. How much of tonight’s performance was based on the game plan.

Not so much of a strict game plan. But, more of a strategy that fell into place, that missed a couple of parts of the jigsaw. I have just got to keep adding them parts of the jigsaw together and I am thankful, I have a team that can do that for me”

This is now your fourth submission in your pro career. Would you say your ground game is one of your biggest weapons inside the cage.

I’m happy wherever the fight goes. I have confidence in all aspects of my game and I would say it’s one of my biggest weapons, thanks to my coaches”

You are now 2 fights in with ACB and have defeated two tough opponents. What are your thoughts on the ACB bantamweight division and what’s next for you in terms of level of opponent.

I’m a flyweight and the fight was at 130 lbs. When I accepted the fight I was under weight. I didn’t touch 130lbs all camp. I’m not a 135er at the moment. But, when I got offered to fight on ACB, I’m not going to say no. ACB is great a show. In terms of what’s next, who knows? I just want to keep moving up the ladder and testing myself. I’m excited to see what gets put forward and what the next challenge will be”

Could you give our readers any insight into your training camp for this fight and we’re you working on anything specifically

This training camp I was working mainly on the mind and developing all areas; physical, technical, mental and spiritual. I was preparing to fight at earlier date. But, I train all year round trying to get better. That’s my aim. And inspiring people as I do it. I don’t specify too much on opponents and fight camps. I do year camps and just add progressions in”

How does Aaron Aby plan on finishing 2017.

“Aaron Aby plans on finishing the year happy and healthy. To inspire others to follow their dreams and be healthy too. Competing more, progressing and being a better version of myself than I am today. Of course, with 1 or 2 more fights along the way and moving up the rankings”

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