Charlie Boy Howard “BAMMA should be prepared for a takeover. I dont care about weight divisions. I come to fight”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Charlie Boy Howard after it was announced he is set to make his professional debut at BAMMA London on Friday 15th September 2017.

Thank you for talking to Combat Vision MMA, Charlie. Congratulations on the announcement that you will be making your professional debut at BAMMA London. Could I get your thoughts on the announcement and how quickly did the signing come about.

“The announcement has been a long time coming. When I have been fighting on other promotions, someone from BAMMA would always be watching. We would always talk about my future and it would always be me making my pro debut on BAMMA”

Looking at the signing with the BAMMA promotion. Do you have a roadmap on how you will tackle the promotion’s lightweight division.

“I naturally fight at featherweight. But, I was fighting at lightweight for my last few fights just to test myself. I plan on taking over the featherweights and I also have my eyes on a few lightweights so they can get some of this work too. Whatever the weight, I don’t care. I just love to fight”

You won four belts in your amateur career with a (13-3) record. What have you learned about yourself as a fighter through these experiences and what can the fans look forward to in your BAMMA debut.

“Winning belts is normal to me now so me turning pro is not going to be any different. I will take whatever belt I want and no one will stop me.The fans can look forward to a real fighter. All but one of my wins have come by stoppage. And in my 3 losses, I have not been finished. I come to fight”

It has been said that you are known for being a wiz on the ground – finishing eight of your fights by way of submission. Could you give us an insight on the work that you do on your ground game and could you give our readers any insight into your training camp for your BAMMA debut.

“I train all the martial arts I need to become the best. But, I just enjoy BJJ, a knock out looks good! But, I just love the feeling of getting a hold of someone’s neck and making them tap, making them quit and give up. There is no better feeling. If the fans want to see how I train they can follow my Instagram at @charboy_bjj. I am pretty active and post quite a lot about my training on Instagram”

What team do you train out of and could you tell our readers about the coaches and fighters that you train with on a daily basis.

“I train out of Double K, pound for pound and revolution martial arts. I train with active fighters on a daily basis. Me and my little brother Henry, train, eat, sleep and breathe fighting. My management company ATM have always got me working hard. If I’m not in camp, I’m always helping another fighter or other fighters train for their fights. So, technically I am active all year round. My game has improved, I have not competed in a while and I really cannot wait to just get in there and start showing the world what I can do”


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