Scott Askham “Luke Barnatt tries to play the bad guy like Sonnen. But he’s shit at it. I will shut him up”

Combat Vision MMA spoke exclusively to ASW Hemsworth fighter Scott Askham after it was announced today he will be fighting Luke “The Bigslow” Barnatt at ACB Sheffield on September 23rd 2017.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Scott. It has been announced you will be fighting Luke Barnett at ACB Sheffield in September. What are your thoughts on the biggest UK MMA fight being announced.

It’s a fight that I have wanted for many years! To finally get the news out there feels amazing! There’s a big buzz around this fight already”

Yourself and Luke have been firing back and forth on social media. Could you tell us why this fight interests yourself and where did the differences start.

Back in 2011 ish, I think. I was 2-0 he was maybe 3-0 a writer wrote that myself and Luke would be a great match up. Two young prospects blah blah blah. I had no idea who Luke was and he probably had no idea who I was. A pointless fight for me at the time. But, he tweeted “Scott Askham would not last a round” ever since then I have wanted to shut him up. He went onto TUF and got to the UFC before me and this made me want the fight even more. Now, it’s my time to shut him up! He tries to play this bad guy like Sonnen. But, he is shit at it”

This will be your first fight under the ACB promotion. How have you mentally taken the departure from UFC and what are your thoughts on your new promotions middleweight division.

“I haven’t really looked at any other middleweight than Luke so I have no idea. Being cut from the UFC years ago was a big deal. But, now with promotions like ACB looking after their fighters, it’s not that big. I always dreamed of fighting in the UFC. I have done it now. Yes, I am disappointed with how my UFC career went! But, I never got beat up so to speak. I lost two split decision’s and I will bounce back”

Luke has fought twice under ACB what have you made of those performances and have you seen anything that you will be looking to exploit come fight night.

Well he got mowed over by Khalidov. A show where he was the main event and making out he was the attraction. If you ask me, Khalidov was the bigger attraction. He was not even the co-main against Max. On a show that was meant to be in Newcastle. He stung Max with the right hand and I have nothing else really to say on the fight”  

Could you give our readers any insight to your training camp for this fight and will you be working on anything specifically for the fight.

I am doing this camp half and half. Half in the UK and then to finish off, I will be doing 6 weeks at American Top Team. Whilst in the UK, I will be working on boxing with Sean Thickett, Thai with Daz Morris, BJJ with Victor Estima and Wrestling with Mark Cocker then putting it all together at my own gym in Hemsworth with my team ASW Hemsworth. Soon as I get to Florida, that’s when the sparring will start and the intensity will be through the roof. They will decide my sparring partners, plan out my camp and everything I need to beat him”

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