Bryan Creighton “In the cage is where I belong. Heading into Golden Ticket 6 I am mentally and physically stronger than ever before”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a Q&A style interview with HAMMA fighter Bryan “The Big Bad Wolf” Creighton as he prepares for his bantamweight championship fight at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 6 against Chris Garry on Saturday 9th September 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Bryan. Could you tell our readers about your background in Muay Thai and how you transitioned over to MMA.

“It’s a pleasure. I started Muay Thai from the age of 12, until roughly about 23. MMA seemed a more natural progression, because it involves striking/wrestling and BJJ. It’s where I belong”

You also served in the Armed Forces. Could you tell our readers about this experience in your life and if the mental side of combat prepares you effectively for heading into the cage for a fight.

Serving in the Armed Forces helped me to become more disciplined and determined, no goal is too high. Mentally,it makes you tougher being able to withstand pressure when the shit hits the fan”

Could you tell us how you deal with fight week. From getting into the zone, dealing with the weight cut to rehydrating and refuelling for fight night.

“Dealing with fight week, by this time I’m ready to go. Sharpening pads and sprint work, slowly getting my weight down. Once I have weighed in, I will have had my supplements and  small portions of food. Generally getting bigger and bigger, putting the essential vitamins and minerals in my body”

Being in the Armed Forces you must have good knowledge on how to remain strict on your diet. Two months before a fight could talk our readers through your nutrition schedule and meals.

I always tend to eat clean throughout my life. I’m rarely out of shape, just heavy (he laughs). Meals are basically like a cave man, if it  lives you can eat it and if it grows above the ground you can eat it. Water goes without saying”

You head into your next in Golden Ticket fight promotions against Chris Garry. How did you become involved with the promotion and what are your thoughts on your opponent.

My coach Sean Martin, got me the fight and I agreed. My thoughts? Jitz this”

Chris has been out of the cage for 5 years. Do you feel any difficulty constructing a game plan for a fighter who could have improved his skill set in this time span and having to rely on footage. How will you approach this fight.

 I don’t focus on my opponent. I focus on my abilities and cover all areas, he is just a obstacle I have to climb”

Your last performance was against Darren O’Gorman at Cage Warriors 84. Could you talk us through this performance and what have you been working on since this fight. If anything.

“The Darren O’Gorman fight, I took the fight with 10 days notice and cut 9.6kg. The fight itself was a clinical display of striking and wrestling, moulding in submissions. 2nd round was a repeat the same I had him on the back foot and his legs went. I made a mistake by shooting in on him instead of finishing him off. It left me in a bad position, which he cleverly realised and capitalised on it. Fair play to him”

The past three years (four fights) have been the most difficult in your career. Which has resulted in your pro career being (5-5). How mentally taxing has it been for you to head into those four fights, training really hard and not getting a positive result. Has there been a reason behind this.

Mentally no. I always go into win, my record does not speak for the actual fighter I am. There has been some very dubious decisions. The reason was maybe the Army having a big hold on me as training wasn’t always how I would have liked it”

What does 2017 have in store for Bryan Creighton.

I’m at a great gym. HAMMA have a great team on-board, physically and mentally, I have never been stronger”

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