Matt Clempner “I never leave a fight to a decision. I hope I gave a good performance at BAMMA 30”

Image: Shinobi MMA Fighting Championships

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post-fight interview with HAMMA fighter Matt Clempner after his first round submission victory against Ben Forsyth at BAMMA 30. Matt has a perfect professional record (2-0) all by way of submission inside round one.

Thank you for talking to Combat Vision MMA, Matt. Congratulations on the victory tonight. How did it feel to get your hand raised and announce yourself to the BAMMA light heavyweight division.

“I felt relieved. There was a bit of pressure as BAMMA is a massive stage and I wanted to give a good performance and I hope I did”

You showed terrific athleticism with the belly to back throws. How much of tonight’s performance was based on the game plan.

“It was all planned. Ben has extremely good kickboxing and I crashed him soon as he turned for the back kick. I have been working on it with striking coach at HAMMA”

Do you feel being a gold medalist in Judoka and having that extensive experience allowed you to relax more mentally when doing the cage walk and in the opening round especially with Ben being the hometown fighter

“No (he laughs). I was really the nervous and the atmosphere on the night was crazy. I got booed. But, you are right I was in Ben’s backyard”

Looking at both your amateur and professional career. You have had four submission victories by the first round. How hard in training camp do you work on your ground game and do you feel this is your biggest weapon inside the cage.

Yes it probably is. I can strike as well. I also train submission wrestling at ASW and catch at Stockport so I tend to use it more to finish fights. It is the best way and I don’t leave it to a decision. If I can help it”

This is your first fight of the year. Can we expect you back in the cage for September all going well.

“Yes. I really want to fight in September and whatever fights come up. I need to take another one before the year ends”

Watch Matt Clempner submit Ben Forsyth via inverted triangle at BAMMA 30:

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