Kieran Conner “I dont shy away from tough fights. Win or lose it will only help me grow as a fighter”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Kieran Conner after it was announced he would be fighting Chris Duncan for the OnTop Promotions lightweight amateur title at OnTop: Toe 2 Toe on Saturday 30th September at the On-X Leisure Centre in Linwood.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Kieran. It has been a announced that you will be fighting Chris Duncan for the On Top Lightweight title. What are your thoughts on the fight being announced and I believe you asked for the fight.

“It’s a fight that I have obviously wanted because it gives me a chance to redeem myself from my loss and to also show that I have learned from mistakes I made in that fight. It’s a tough fight and these are types of fights I want”

You last fought Chris Duncan at SFC10: Reckoning. What are your thoughts on that performance and how much have you developed as a fight since then.

“It wasn’t my best performance. I rushed certain things and I got caught with a silly submission. But, take nothing away from Chris, it was a tough fight. I have developed massively since then and I am excited to get my chance to prove that”

You bounced back from that loss by winning via unanimous decision against Conor Hepburn at OnTop: Face/off. Do you believe this fight will prove to be a turning point in your amateur career and what have the losses told you about yourself as a fighter.

“Conor was a fight that I needed to get my confidence back in my game. Fighting a high level grappler after losing twice to submissions was a big risk for me. But, one I had to take and I came through it pretty comfortably to be honest. My losses have made me better as a fighter and made me work harder and if I’m honest, have made me hungrier for success. As a fighter and a person I strive to be the best and a couple of losses won’t stop me pushing forward”

Looking back at 2016, you fight once. Was there a specific reason for this or was there any frustration that you couldn’t get a suitable opponent.

“2016 was a year where fighting wasn’t a priority due to personal issues in my family. 2017 was a year, I said would be busy and if I hadn’t had a last minute pull out for On Top in May, then I would have had a couple of wins under my belt already. Finding opponents has been difficult at certain stages too”

You have fought in both catchweight and lightweight bouts in your amateur career. Has it been a struggle to find a suitable weight for you to compete at or was it more a case of you would take any fight at any weight.

I am comfortable fighting anywhere between 70kg and 77kg. I don’t turn away from fights, if it’s a tough fight win or lose it will help me grow as a fighter. 70kg same day weigh-in, is a big push for me as my natural weight is around 83kg. But, when I turn professional, lightweight shall be my comfortable weight”

You fight out of Aberdeen Combat Centre. How important has training with the coaches and fighters been to your developing amateur career.

“The Combat centre is a great place to train. It has been built from nothing but ourselves and hard work. I have lots of great guys to train with and push me, so I never go into a fight with anything else apart from confidence as these guys get me ready”

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