Richard Kiely “Terrance Brazier you are a hide and seek champion. Come out and fight me like a man”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post-fight interview with Straight Blast Gym Fighter Richard Kiely after his second round knockout victory against Daniel Olejniczak at BAMMA 30. Richard has a perfect professional record (2-0)

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Richard. Congratulations on the victory your second at the 3Arena. How did it feel to get your hand raised in your hometown with the full support and atmosphere on the night.

“The support has been overwhelming. It’s surreal because I’m just being myself. But, that’s different to everyone so that probably explains the reaction I have received. The support, particularly in Tallaght, has been really heartwarming. It felt natural to get my hand raised in the 3Arena, I knew it was going to happen and I called it in all my pre-fight interviews. Shame on anyone who didn’t listen”

You seemed to be on it against Daniel. There was an air of confidence and belief that you were executing the game plan successfully. Was that all down to strategy and the hours spent in camp for this fight.

“I am always 100% confident in my abilities. I know, I’m unique in how I fight. But, I’m also intelligent and I can get the measure of my opponent very quickly. That was apparent in this fight and I never looked troubled once, I patiently created the opening and when the knockout presented itself the fight was over in an instant”

One thing I noticed about your fighting style is that you like to fight with your hands down. Do you feel that shows how confident you are inside the cage that no one can touch you in the striking department and you know how to control the distance in a fight.

“There’s nothing more demoralizing for my opponent when they see me with my hands down, chin up and they’re throwing strikes as fast as they can and they’re hitting shadows.  I have a loose style, I glide around the cage like I should be on a ballroom dance floor. But, I have explosive knockout power with any technique either right or left and that was on display on Friday night”

“I manage and cover distance extremely quickly, so when my opponents think they’re out of range, they normally only realize they’re wrong when they’re waking up after being knocked out”

Looking ahead to September. After the fight you called out Terry Brazier. Is this more to do with the fighter himself or just the fact that he is champion.

“Champion? He’s the hide and seek champion. He’s blatantly avoiding me because he knows he leads with his chin and if he does that with me, he’ll be going home chinless and beltless. Because I’ll be bringing both home with me. He should be jumping at the chance to fight me”

“I’m the most exciting fighter on the roster both inside and outside the ring. He should be thanking me for creating the buzz around this fight. He’s a grab and grind fighter and that doesn’t excite people. He just needs to turn up, I’ll generate the excitement in the build up and then by knocking him out”

One of your many abilities as a fighter is the ability to sell a fight. How would you sell this fight to BAMMA and to the management teams to get this fight arranged in September.

“I don’t need to sell the fight, this fights sells itself. I bring an electric fighting style, highlight reel knockouts, the highest ticket sales on both shows I have been on with the most vocal support”

“My last weigh in was more exciting and got more views on YouTube than most of Terence’s fights. It makes business sense to make the fight and have the face of BAMMA in a main event title fight. Once that fight is made, I guarantee they’ll have a new more marketable champion and another highlight reel KO to add to my collection”

Should Terry Brazier not take this fight and choose to defend against someone else. What do you think that says about how he views you as a challenger.

“If Terence doesn’t take the fight he has solidified his title as the hide and seek champion. He was even supposed to turn up at BAMMA 30 but couldn’t be found. I don’t blame him being scared, I wouldn’t want to fight me if I were him. He has no answer for my style so it will be an unpleasant night for him”

 “If Terence had the option he’d fight a journeyman who wins a decision and drops a decision and thinks that gives him credibility as a champion. There is nobody else in the welterweight division that is dispatching opponents like me. Fortunately, Terence isn’t the decision maker so he has no say in it. If he refuses, he should forfeit the title, come over to Dublin and present it to me”

“At least that way he’ll leave with his chin intact”

Should you not get the Terry Brazier fight. Is there anyone in the welterweight division that excites you enough to get into another fight camp for September. Or would rather wait for Terry.

“If Terence doesn’t take the fight, I will wait for the winner of Nathan Jones and Alex Lohore and take that belt instead. I don’t want to say too much about this fight, if they think I’m waiting at the end of it, they will both try and lose so they don’t have to fight me”

Looking at how Terry won the belt against Walter Gahadza. What did you make of that performance and have you seen anything that you would be looking to exploit should a fight with him come to fruition

“Terence nearly got knocked out by Walter who is a static fighter and doesn’t have the versatility in technique, speed, and mobility that I have. If I tag him, he’s not getting up and I have much more tools to do it with”

“He’ll look to charge across the cage to take me down but that’s what everyone tries to do. The last person that thought they could cover the distance to catch me ended up with their chest caved in by a knee. Terence moves likes he’s running through toffee. If he’s negative he might last two rounds, if he’s desperate and goes for broke he won’t last a round”

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