Fabian Edwards “Fighters only want a piece till they get into the cage with me. I want Will Fleury next”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post-fight interview with Ultimate Training Centre fighter Fabian “The Assassin” Edwards after his second round submission of Aaron Kennedy at BAMMA 30.

Thank you for talking to Combat Vision MMA, Fabian. First off, how is the foot. I know at the end of the fight you made a comment about it.

“My foot is okay now. No injuries or nothing. Just a bit bruised at the time. I am walking on it now, so everything is okay”

Looking at your submission victory with Aaron Kennedy. I understand you were frustrated with the performance. A couple of days removed, how do you feel about it now.

“After the fight, I saw a video of it. I actually never done that bad. I took my time with the punches and I hit him with a good few shots. If I had strung a few more punches together, I would have got him out of there sooner. It felt good to get my first 5 minute round and to start again without feeling fatigued. My coaches were saying, you are doing good but stop loading off with the punches”

“In the 2nd round I felt good, I was bouncing around and feinting. I felt more comfortable there. I felt the body shots had an effect on him. I looked at Aaron’s Facebook page after the fight and he said one of his problems in the fight was distance control. I feel that was where I was more dominate in the fight, was controlling the distance”

Looking at the middleweight division and with September in mind. What do you think is next fight.

“I cannot see anyone that can match me in stand up, even in the grappling exchanges. Everyone thinks I cannot grapple. Because, no one is forcing me into a grappling match. I am thinking, who in the UK or whatever could be a good fight for me. I had a look at Kevin Mullen who called me out. I watched his fights and I thought this is bollocks and I turned it off. All he does is throw kicks. That fight does not excite me. I spar with Thai boxers in camp and they cannot touch me because they are too stiff. I could have him anytime I wanted”

“As soon as fighters get in with me, they think fucking hell, this is harder than I thought. Like Aaron Kennedy, he was eating too many of my shots. I knew, he was not going to be in there much longer”

“I asked for Will Fleury for my first fight and he was unavailable. I asked for him at BAMMA 30 and he was unavailable again. He is being built up as this up and coming middleweight. I believe we need to get this on and sort it out. He knows I want to fight him. I saw him at the weigh in and we smiled at each, we both know we will get it on”

“I feel good for September and I have asked for an opponent. I want someone that has a better record than me. I am looking for an all round fighter, I want someone to mix it up and put the pressure on me who has a positive record”

“For my fifth fight, I would like it to be a for a title. BAMMA and my management team (Almighty Fight Management) are doing really well to push and promote me. I have proved that I can fight on big shows, nothing fazes me”

“I will be back in the gym next week, I train twice a day just learning new skills and fine tuning my current skill set. Soon as I get the green light for September, I will be back training more intensively”

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