Blaine O’Driscoll “I am unstoppable. I am one good finish away from a title shot”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a post-fight interview with Straight Blast Gym fighter Blaine O’Driscoll after his second round submission of Harry Hardwick at BAMMA 30. Blaine is now on a four fight win streak and his professional record is (5-1).

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Blaine. Congratulations on the victory. How did it feel to get your hand raised in your hometown.

“It felt very familiar, that was my 4th win in a row in the 3Arena. I am making a habit of it. Honestly, the atmosphere in there from the home crowd makes me feel unstoppable”

Looking at the opponent. Your were meant to face Jay Butler. But, ended up fighting Harry Hardwick. When did you know about the opponent change and did that have any effect on your game plan heading into the fight.

“I knew Jay had been injured about 3 weeks out. But, I only found out who I had been replaced with when the fight card was released. I don’t prepare for a specific opponent, we have all styles at SBG. So, I get a good mix of rounds all the time and I focus on my strengths and imposing my game on them”

One thing that impressed me in the fight was your high-octane pressure fighting. It was an all round martial arts performance. Could you tell us how happy you were with your conditioning on the night.

“I am a smaller bantamweight, which most see as a disadvantage. But, I fight at a very high pace and speed. Being the lighter guy benefits me in the speed advantage and the fact I don’t cut much weight, I know I won’t slow down. I do 3×5 rounds easy at a much higher pace than most can keep up with”

Harry Hardwick stuck it out with you especially in the first round. Was there a point in the fight where you felt you were just one or two steps away from putting him away in round one.

“Yes. I had seen his head fly back a few times in round one and I got bit over excited and went wild with the head hunting. I should have been more relaxed like I was in round 2 and picked the shots better and gone to the body more to open the head. I may have put him away. I will fix these mistakes for my next fight”

Looking at the submission victory. You showed an unbelievable ground game. Moving from the mount to the back. Is your ground game something that you have been working on in this training camp.

“I love BJJ just as much as I love striking. I work on all aspects of my game, all the time. I always compete in BJJ competitions between fights to stay sharp and improve. Its MMA after all, you have to be good everywhere. I see BJJ as something I can do for life even after I retire from MMA”

You are now on a four fight win streak. Overall, how happy are you with those performances and do you feel there is a title fight on the horizon. Maybe in two or three fights.

“Everything is going good. Work, Training and Family. I feel unstoppable right now, I am loving life. I am ready now for that title shot. But, realistically I think 1 more good finish will set me up for it”


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