James Doyle “I cannot wait to test myself as a martial artist on my pro debut at ACB 65”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Team Fulinkazan fighter James Doyle as he prepares to make his professional MMA debut at ACB 65 in Sheffield on July 22nd 2017.

Congratulations on the announcement on making your pro debut at ACB 65. What are your thoughts on the announcement.

Thank you. I’m really happy to be able to have such a platform to make my pro debut on alongside some huge names in the sport, both domestically and on an international level”

How did the conversation come about to get onto the ACB card and how quickly did the fight come together.

“It came together rather quickly. I got the call from my manager Carl over at Heavy Duty fight management only a couple of weeks back while my wife and I were out in the states. It was presented as a possibility so I let it be known, I would be ready”

You were due to make your pro debut on Bellator against Baby Slice. However, he pulled out of the fight. What was going through your head at the time and how long were you in training camp before the fight was pulled.

“Well he still fought on the card just a different opponent.  That was all a bit of a whirlwind once again my management team came to me with a huge opportunity and I jumped at the chance”

“I had upped my own training around 3 weeks prior so all in all I would say I was in camp 6-7 weeks before the bout was pulled. It was disappointing, I really felt it was a great opportunity, everything seemed to fall into place at the right time. I was all set to fight him, there was some issue from their side about my amateur record & the next thing you know my management company informed me the fight was off”

 “Bellator were great in how they dealt with things. But, it was a huge disappointment to me. I would take the fight anytime, any place. It’s a fight I was looking forward to and in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, if you pick your fights at some point you are going to get found out. If Bellator pick this interview up and are planning on coming back to the UK I would love to get that opportunity back”

How will you mentally approach your professional debut. Especially with the fight being on a big platform and the fight only 2 weeks away.

“To be honest, I’m sure the occasion will bring its own challenges. But, for me it’s more about simply testing myself as a martial artist. I have a tough opponent, which is a challenge I welcome, I really wouldn’t want anything else. I have still been training after the cancellation of my last bout, I feel I will be ready on the day”

Who will be in your corner for the fight.

“Our head coach, who I work alongside at Team Fulinkazan Mark Spencer will be on holiday. So it will likely be some of the team mates I work alongside on a daily basis”

What are your thoughts on your opponent Lukasz Pilch and have you seen anything in his fighting style that you will be looking to exploit.

“Lukasz has a solid amateur record. He’s very experienced and from a great team, so I respect him and expect a tough outing in my pro debut. He seems well rounded, so I just look forward to getting in the cage and seeing where the contest takes us and hopefully adapting to get the win”

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