Getting to know: Fu Dog Martial Arts – Part two

Combat Vision MMA spoke to head coach/owner of Fu Dog Martial Arts and MMA fighter Iain Feenan. Iain is a seven-time Scottish Judo champion and his Martial Arts gym operates out of Lyneburn Industrial Estate in Dunfermline, Fife.

What were the challenges & objectives you faced when opening the gym.

The biggest challenge was finding a facility that was suitable. This meant space for a decent sized mat area along with a space to house the strength and conditioning equipment”

The objective is to provide something that’s not available anywhere else in Fife and Dunfermline. That means building a strong club environment, that has the best coaching available and the best facilities”

Did you feel there needed to be a gym that offered something different in your area.

Yes. Fife and especially Dunfermline were lacking a purpose built martial arts facility that offered a wide range of sports and activities.  Although there are a few, I felt that with my experience in the sports as an athlete and coach, I could provide something different to what was being offered previously.  I also think, that by working in partnership with The Fighting Chance Project (Scotland) and organisations such as Active Schools and their community sports hubs, we can have a real impact on the people and communities of the surrounding areas” 

What has been the public response to Fu Dog Martial Arts.

“Very well.  I think we have created a gym that caters to everyone regardless of their level or their personal goals. Everyone keeps coming back, which is good sign and they are recommending friends. For being open 2 months we couldn’t ask for a better start”  

Could you tell our readers about the classes your gym offers for your students.

“Currently we offer Judo, MMA striking, grappling classes, Boxing, Muay Thai, HIIT classes and Ladies only MMA fit classes.  We also have a purpose built strength and conditioning unit and we offer 1-1 coaching and small group sessions”

“In the near future, I am looking to add in BJJ, fundamental movement sessions, as well as more junior classes”

A full list of what we offer and timetable are available on our facebook page and website (

What does 2017 have in store for Fu Dog Martial Arts.

“2017 is about growing and engaging with the local community, establishing ourselves as the best gym in Fife. Offering a wide variety of options and ensuring that we continue to provide a top quality environment for people to come and learn martial arts”  

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