Jason Woods: “I am on the path to becoming the best. 2018 will be my year in MMA”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Higher Level Martial Arts fighter Jason “The Sensation” Woods after his first round submission victory of Kev Lobban at the inaugural United Combat Championships event in the City of Discovery, Dundee. Jason’s professional MMA record is (2-2).

Congratulations on the victory, Jason. How did it feel to get your hand raised on Saturday night.

“It felt great getting my hand raised after the fight. Everybody thought it was going to be a war, but to go out and do the business in 1 minute was amazing”

Heading into the fight Jason. What was the strategy for Kev Lobban.

There wasn’t any strategy going into the fight. Just went in with an open mind, knowing I would be better, no matter where the fight went”

Looking back at the weigh in. Do you think it added a little bit of spice heading into fight night.

Yeah, I feel the tussle at the weigh-ins brought a bit of an extra buzz going into the fight. I think that’s what made the winning feeling even better”

Could you tell our readers about the training camp for this fight and was there anything, in particular, you were working on.

I don’t really train specifically for an opponent. I just train in all aspects of my game, making sure I’m always getting better at everything. It was a great camp, all in”

This was your second co-main event in your professional career. How much does this experience help in your preparation to become the main event attraction at some point in your professional career.

“With every fight, I get more comfortable being in the cage. It gives me a good feeling for when I’m fighting in bigger shows in front of bigger crowds”

Was fight week that little bit easier for you not having to cut weight and rehydrate. Would you entertain more catchweight fights if it is for the correct opponent or do you want to concentrate more on the bantamweight division.

Well if there’s anything I would wish for, it would be that there was a 140-pound weight division. I can make that easy, but doing the extra pounds to bantamweight isn’t much hassle. I’ll be sticking to going all the way in bantamweight for the future”

Looking back at your last performance against Adam Caffrey, at Headhunters. What do you think went wrong that evening. It just seemed like nothing was clicking.

“The fight against Adam Caffrey was just a mental block on my part. I wasn’t prepared going into the fight and I fucked up. But, from the Kev Lobban fight, I’ll be on a one fight win and be heading to becoming the best”

What do you see as the next step for your developing career and how do you want to finish 2017.

I want to get another few fights in this year and get the wins in. Then, 2018 will be my year as a professional fighter”

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