Dan Cassell: Getting to know the MMA fighter and matchmaker – The Interview Part two

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Wolfpack MMA fighter and Golden Ticket Promotions matchmaker Dan “Pork Chop” Cassell and conducted a Q&A interview. Dan’s professional MMA record is (2-2-1)

What kind of challenges or objectives do you face being a matchmaker for a promotion

The biggest challenge has to be, pullouts! Pullouts can destroy a fight card! One week, you can have an awesome show full of talent and ticket sellers. The next week, you are left with a card filled with journeymen and tumbleweed. It’s frustrating, but it will always be part of the sport”

“My other gripe is there are still a lot of local gyms that aren’t on board for one reason or another. We are one of the best upcoming shows in the UK for god’s sake, Midland teams support us”

Looking back at your last fight with Daniel Olejniczak. Are there any frustrations that you felt with the way the fight was concluded.

“Ah, my last fight on BAMMA 29. A big show on a good stage at the Genting Arena. Fight week was stressful. My original opponent Josh Plant pulled out due to a failed brain scan. I was left 3 days out with no opponent, still cutting weight and prepping to go to battle. I had to find a UK based Welterweight that was SAFE MMA registered and ready to go on 3 days’ notice. (Anybody who knows about this knows it is near impossible) I thank my contacts through the matchmaking scene for this. I managed to get in touch with Daniel Olejniczak’s coach and asked if he would be up for a scrap to save my wasted fight camp. Daniel was on an 11 fight win streak and unbeaten as an amateur or professional.  His coach got back to me and said he was 86kg but could make 82kg for the weigh in. I thought great, I can have breakfast as I was 81kg at the time”

“The fight went exactly to plan. I knew Daniel was going to be a bigger guy in there and I knew that his level was very good. We had a very back and forth fight and it ended in the shittest of circumstances. He accidentally eye poked me in an exchange on the ground and the doctor called the fight off in between rounds 2 and 3 for medical reasons. It went to the judge’s scorecards and the fight was declared a draw. I thank Daniel for taking the fight on short notice and allowing me to show everyone my ever-improving skill set. Best of luck on BAMMA 30”

Lastly, what does 2017 have in store for Dan Cassell.

“I am literally just getting back into training after recovering from a broken hand sustained in the fight with Daniel. (That dude has a hard head) I am looking to fight as much as I can once I am back up to fitness and hopefully I’ll be able to get a fight in early September time! It’s strange because on paper I have not had a great year. 1 loss and 1 draw look shit, but if you watch both fights back and watch my overall game, I generally believe they have been the two very best versions of me in there the last two fights. I fought 2 guys that I think will go all the way in this sport and on any given day, I feel I could have won both fights but that’s fighting”

“Any upcoming promotions (preferably somewhere hot and sunny) that are after a game welterweight get in touch with my coach John Ashley”

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