Onur Caglar “The doubters should never count me out” – The Interview Part two

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Asylum Vale Tudo fighter Onur “Little Evil” Caglar as he prepares for his Caged Steel 18 fight against Dan Gibbons. Onur has 4 of his 7 professional MMA fights and heads into the fight with Dan full of his confidence after his first round submission win against Tom O’Brien at FightStar Championship 10.

What is your walk around weight and how much do you need to cut to make lightweight. Could you tell us about your diet. Meals, nutrition, and supplements.

“I walk around about 75kgs nowadays. But, I did walk round at 80kg on my bad days. But, all this is because I have a very sweet tooth and spend my off weeks eating mainly cake and chocolate. I diet the 5kgs to make 70kgs on all my previous fights. Diets are basic, plenty of chicken and veg cooked in natural spices and I obviously avoid chocolate, apart from my cheat meals which I have mid-week each week”

“After each hard session I will have a protein shake to keep my body healthy and then the only other supplements I take are a multivitamin to keep my body fuelled and injury free, which is key in my fight camps”

Looking back at your last fight a submission victory against Tom O’Brien. How much of a relief was it for you to get this victory and bounce back from a two-fight losing streak.

“It was an awesome victory for me. Yes, I was on a two fight loss and one MMA site had me with a 3% chance of winning, so it was good to get a win and show all the doubters, not to ever count me out. That aside, my only losses are to two decent guys, so I have no idea why they would have me in such low regard”

You are fighting Dan Gibbons at Caged Steel 18. What was your reaction when Dan called you out to fight and was it a fight that interested in you at first thought.

“I was shocked. I have never been called out and I’m not a top level guy, so I don’t understand why someone would ask to fight me. I had never even thought of it as a fight because Dan has trained at our gym and I know guys who train with him. But, I’m not someone who turns down a fight down, so I welcomed it. I mean he either asked because he thinks I’m an easy win or he asked because he thinks I’m good and wants test himself. But, only he knows the answer to that”

Dan has won 4 of out his 10 fight professional career. What do you know about Dan’s fighting style and have you seen anything in his style that you will be looking to exploit come fight night.

“To be honest, I don’t know much about Dan’s style. I don’t bother with any of that because I’ll make it my fight anyway. I just like fighting and I will leave it all in the cage”

What does 2017 have in store for Onur Caglar.

“Big things! I plan on having plenty of more fights and trying to get myself up the rankings at whatever weight I settle at and I feel good at”

“I’d like to thank everyone at AVT for the help and training throughout my career. And I would like to thank my sponsors”

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Watch Onur Caglar vs Dan Gibbons Caged Steel Promo video:

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