Onur Caglar “The doubters should never count me out” – The Interview Part one

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Asylum Vale Tudo fighter Onur “Little Evil” Caglar as he prepares for his Caged Steel 18 fight against Dan Gibbons. Onur has 4 of his 7 professional MMA fights and heads into the fight with Dan full of his confidence after his first round submission win against Tom O’Brien at FightStar Championship 10.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Onur. Could you tell us about the type of fighter you are.

“No problem it’s always good to have people who want to interview me. I am not really sure what type of fighter I am. Because I’m still learning and evolving, I don’t excel at anything, so I am probably an all rounder”

Could you tell us about your background being a soldier in the Armed Forces.

“I served 7 years in the infantry with the Green Howards (now 2 Yorks). I had plenty of awesome times and some hard times having served two tours in Afghanistan. But, it’s what makes me who I am today and I wouldn’t change any of it”

You fight out of Asylum Vale Tudo in West Yorkshire. With coaches such as Jay Furness and MMA veteran Danny Mitchell. How important has it been for your professional career to work under the guidance of this team.

“It has been a very important part of my career. I joined them about 4-5years ago and I was contemplating just retiring. But, seeing everyone else training hard and seeing them improve with the help of such a dedicated team, made me strive to get better”

“I have been part of so many amazing things thanks to the team and having them behind me once the cage door closes adds in a lot of confidence, iron sharpens iron as they say. Both Danny and Jay will go above and beyond to help us all improve as fighters and that’s not something you get from every gym”

Could you tell us about how your preparation for a fight. What does a typical training camp consist of and how do your coaches formulate a strategy for you to work towards for an opponent.

“I prepare the same for every fight. I am too early in my career to think about strategy, like me a lot of people are still evolving as fighters, so you can’t go off past fights of theirs. I just make sure I push myself harder and harder each time it gets close to a fight. But, I generally train all year round”

Could you tell us about how you deal with fight week. From getting into the zone, to refuelling and rehydrating for fight night.

“Fight week is just the same as any other week apart from having to intake minimal carbs and less water. The only thing I like to do fight week is keeping myself sharp, so I will still train up until the last day when I start my 24hrs nil by mouth”

“Refuelling and rehydration are pretty self-explanatory. I just intake plenty of carbs, fats and protein in my meals. I make sure to add salts and minerals to the fluids to get my body back to normal”

Watch Onur Caglar vs Dan Gibbons Caged Steel Promo video:

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