Callum Cooke “At Golden Ticket 6. The fans can expect a classic heavyweight match. We will throw down”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Callum “Ready Steady” Cooke as he prepares for his Heavyweight Championship fight against defending champion Darren Moore at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 6. Callum heads into this fight on a 2 fight win streak with 2 first round finishes.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Callum. Could you tell us about the type of fighter you are.

“I would say I was an a round fighter. I like to strike and wrestle consistently mixing it up”

Could you tell us about your preparation for a fight. What does a typical training camp consist of and how do your coaches formulate a strategy for you to work towards for an opponent.

“I am always in the gym training even when I am not in a fight camp. But, soon as a fight is announced that is when we up the training and it becomes more intense. The training sessions consist of grueling wrestling, jits and striking. Rounding off at the end of the week with fresh man sparring rounds, which is basicly like a fight they are brutal. My coach Andrew Fisher always works to my strengths making my game better week in week out”

Could you tell us about how you deal with fight week. From getting into the zone, dealing with the weight cut, refuelling and rehydrating for fight night.

“Fight week is a crazy emotional roller coaster you go through so many emotions from nerves to excitement. But, I am quite laid back, I stick my headphones in and put on my country music and I am good. Being heavyweight I don’t have to cut, although I do clean up some bad eating habits”

You fight out of TFT in Seaham. Could you tell us about the coaches and the fighters you train with on a daily basis.

“The head coach is Andrew Fisher who is well known and respected in the MMA scene. Andrew oversees everything, he is  such a knowledgeable guy and is always improving me. I also have Carl Liddle who does my strength and conditioning, my pad work too he is bringing me on loads”

“I am quite lucky as we have a few heavy guys in our gym from UFC vet Phil De Fries and newly signed UFC fight James mulheron, Tony Mustard who is with Africa’s EFC. Kiel Lewis who is smashing it on the amature scene. Plus, I also train with awesome talents such as Lewis Monarch, Cal Elnor, Ryan Scope and Colin Fletcher. I could be on all day naming everyone, but there are no easy rounds ever”

You won your first amateur belt at Generations of Combat back in May. What were your thoughts on winning your first amateur title and to do so with a beautiful knock out inside the first round.

“Yeah I was happy with my win last time out. I had not fought since October, I think beforehand so it was good to get back in there and dust off the cobwebs. But, I felt great and winning how I did was just a bonus”

Looking ahead you are fight Darren Moore for the Golden Ticket heavyweight title. Both you and Darren head into this fight with two first round finishes. What can fans expect to see in this fight and have you seen anything in Darren’s style that you will be looking to exploit come fight night.

“I think the fans can expect a classic heavyweight match. Two big guys throwing down and we both have similar records, similar style which will make for a cracking fight. I am excited about this fight”

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