Josh Reed “This is only the start of where I want to go in MMA. This title fight has come at the right time”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Josh “Crazy Horse” Reed after it was announced he would be fighting Nathan “The Prospect” Wood for the Cage Warriors bantamweight world title. Josh heads into this fight on a 7 fight winning streak and 3 of those wins are with the Cage Warriors promotion.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Josh. What are your thoughts on the fight being announced and competing for your first professional title.

“Yes, I’m over the moon to get the fight. It is something I have always be working towards. But, it’s only the start of where I wanna go in this sport. I didn’t really think it would come this fast. But, three wins under Cage Warriors and 7-0 why not!”

Josh first appeared on Cage Warriors back in 2013 and has subsequently fought four times for this promotion. Do you feel this title fight has been a long time coming or has it come just at the right time.

“I believe it’s come at the right time. Everything seems to be falling into place”

You head into this fight with a fantastic 7 fight win streak. What has been the secret to keeping that winning mentality throughout each training camp and fight.

“There are no secrets, I work hard in the gym. I have got a great team behind me and I am working every day on how to improve my game. As the saying goes, train hard fight easy”

What are your thoughts on Nathaniel Woods last few performances and have you seen anything in his fighting style that you will be looking to exploit.

Yeah Wood is a good boy, he has looked good in his last few fights. But for me and my team, I know how to get the win”

You haven’t been defeated in your professional career. How much of a struggle do you think it will be for Nathaniel to find the formula in camp and fight night to beat you.

“I expect him to train like he does for any fight, he’s the champ. But, it will be a tough night for him”

With this being your first title fight. How will deal with the mental side of dealing with the build up, fight week and fight night, to get yourself fully in the zone.

“I’m always ok with build ups and things, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s just a normal fight for me but for a nice gold belt this time”

Could you give us an insight on how you will approach the training camp for this fight. Are there any particular tweaks or adjustments that you will be making.

“Training camp will be as normal, it’s not broke so why fix it. I train like it’s a world title fight, every fight”

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