Danny Mitchell: Leaving it all in the cage for the last time. The Legacy interview – part two

Combat Vision MMA conducted a Q&A style interview with Danny “The Cheesecake Assassin” Mitchell as he prepares for his final MMA fight at Caged Steel 18 on Saturday 15th July 2017 at the Doncaster Dome. When Danny retires, he will have fought 30 times in the cage, seeing him fight for promotions such as UFC/ACB and Bellator.

You have fought for many promotions in your career. Is there a particular fight in your career that fills you with pride when you rewatch it.

“I have always liked to travel and have taken crazy fights. I have had so many good experiences, so it’s hard to say. But, the fight in Sweden against Musoke was one of my favourites. It was my first big international fight and to get the win in front of that crowd was amazing. I am unbeaten in Sweden, it;s one of my favourite places to fight”

You fought twice for the UFC back in 2017. Albeit the results didn’t go the way you wanted them too. But, is this a part in your career where you look back on and wish you had more time to prove yourself.

“The UFC was a blessing and a curse. It was my dream to get there and I made it. But, it came during the worst year of my life when my dad sadly passed away. I should have put it on hold, but I felt like if I didn’t fight then, the UFC could get pissed off, so instead I fought half arsed and I got cut. I wish I got another fight maybe 6 months later it would have been better. But,  nevermind, 99% of people will never step in that cage. So, I am proud that I made it there and my dad got to see at least one fight”

What is the plan for Danny Mitchell in 2017 and for the future.

The plan is to get really fat and just squash my students then tell them stories of how good I used to be. Train more fighters, have more kids, train my kids to be fighters, then retire and live somewhere nice like Skegness”

Watch Danny Mitchell’s Caged Steel promo video:

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