Danny Mitchell: Leaving it all in the cage for the last time. The Legacy interview – part one

Combat Vision MMA conducted a Q&A style interview with Danny “The Cheesecake Assassin” Mitchell as he prepares for his final MMA fight at Caged Steel 18 on Saturday 15th July 2017 at the Doncaster Dome. When Danny retires, he will have fought 30 times in the cage, seeing him fight for promotions such as UFC/ACB and Bellator.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Danny. Looking back has there been an inspirational figure in your career.

“To be honest, there’s never been someone like that for me. I like a lot of fighters but ultimately i am self motivated”

You have twelve submission victories in your career. Would it be fair to say your ground game is your biggest weapon inside the cage.

“Yeah most people would say I am a grappler and I do feel comfortable there. But, I have never really shown what I can do striking wise in MMA. I have had pro boxing fights, K1 fights, bare knuckle fights. But, I will never shake the grappler name”

“I feel good wherever the fight goes. It just often ends up with me trying to choke someone”

You are the head coach of Asylum Vale Tudo. Could you tell our readers about the gym and when it was established.

I have been coaching MMA since I was 18, so I always had some kinda team since then. But, AVT officially started when the Caged Steel gym closed down which was 2012 I think. We have a massive stable of fighters and i am pretty sure, its one of the biggest fight teams in the UK. We currently have about 100 members and I am looking at expanding the gym even more this year”

Are there any fighters from team AVT who Combat Vision MMA should keep an eye out for in 2017.

“Yes definitely. There is too many to mention them all. But, a few guys stand out right now. Louis Lee Scott is only 17, he has had 55 Thai fights and is now 3-0 in amateur MMA. He is one to watch for sure. Also, I have got a 1-0 middleweight pro Kevin Mullen who has got the skills to go far. He is my weight and I am looking at making him into the new me! But, there are so many good guys, I almost feel bad just picking those two. So yeah fuck them, everyone in the gym is a beast!”

Your 30th fight is scheduled for Caged Steel FC 18. How did you know that you were ready to draw a conclusion to your fighting career.

“Yeah it’s my 30th pro MMA fight. But, it’s about 100 fights when you look at all the other types of fighting I have done. My body is broken with so many injuries, some which I won’t even admit til after this last fight. And my gym is growing everyday so I am really busy with that”

“I have basically trained myself all these years and I just can’t keep fighting at a high level doing shadow boxing under my mam’s washing line in the back garden. I have to make a choice. Be a coach or be a fighter and right now, coaching is the smart option”

Watch Danny Mitchell’s Caged Steel promo video:

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