Armando Parente “I have come through a lot of adversity. But with each fight I am getting stronger”

Combat Vision MMA conducted an interview with Armando Parente after his K1 TKO victory against Alan McPherson at Headhunters FC on Saturday.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to Combat Vision MMA, Armando. Could you tell our readers about the type of fighter you are.

I am a stand-up fighter. But, I am also very confident with my wrestling and my ground game”

You train out of Forza MMA in Edinburgh. Could you tell our readers about the coaches and fighters you train with on a daily basis.

“Unfortunately Forza MMA is no longer a gym anymore. At the moment, I just train by myself, with my uncle Enzo Parente or my little brother Lorenzo Parente. Training wise, I do a lot of stretching to improve my kicks, working on my balance. Sometimes myself and my brother will drill combinations in the back garden. I also do Jiu Jitsu with Lorenzo and with Ben Fletcher”

You got your first amateur MMA win at On Top: “Night of Champions” against Owen Rafferty by way of triangle choke submission.  What are your thoughts on that performance and have you been working on your ground game in training.

Overall I was happy with my performance. I felt confident if it was going to the ground, I have loads of submissions in my head, which I have drilled many times. My favourite submission has to be the triangle because it was the first one practiced at Forza MMA”

A week after the On Top event you fought in a K1 bout against Alan McPherson at Headhunters FC. What I noticed about you is that you have good footwork and balance allowing you to open different angles for your strikes. Is this something you have been working on recently.

Yes, in my spare time I will practice my footwork and movement. If you have fast feet, your opponent is going to have a hard time with you”

Your uncle Enzo Parente is always in your corner for your fights. How valuable is it to have him in your corner giving you advice cage side with his experience in MMA.

I need Enzo in my corner because he motivates me and clears my head of all negativity. I can hear his shouts loud and clear when I am fighting, which helps a lot”

You are a young fighter with a great appetite for fighting. How do you deal with the mental pressure of fight week, making weight and the eventual cage walk.

Fight week is always hard, you have all these negative thoughts in your head about how the fight will go. I try to keep my mind off the fact I will be fighting. Making weight isn’t that hard for me because I fight at 70kg and that’s what I walk about at. Walking to the cage, I block everything out all around me, it’s like the crowd isn’t even there. I am calm and focused”

Your amateur career is (1-2). How have you dealt with the two losses on your record in order to keep progressing your fighting style.

My first loss has to be one of the worst. I fought Jordan Stronge from Scottish Hit Squad. He had so much power in his leg kicks, my leg was swollen badly and bruised. My head was down from that fight and was a very tough loss. My other loss was against Kier McCrimmon on SFC. I was really nervous because it was such a big show and couldn’t eat at all. I was warming up for about 1 hour and I was told that there was a 15-minute break. It was my second fight, so I wasn’t used to the adrenaline dump. I felt exhausted in the cage and never had any energy to finish the submissions attempts, which cost me the fight”  

Lastly, what does 2017 have in store for Armando Parente.

I am only getting better from each fight. I have been put through a lot of adversity and I have come back stronger. Nothing’s going to stop me. I thought the first fight I had, would stop me because I couldn’t even bend my leg. But, now look at me now, I have won my last 3 fights”

Watch Armando Parente’s first round submission of Owen Rafferty at On Top: Night of Champions


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