Sam Creasey “I am never satisfied with winning. I want to progress and show my evolution”

Combat Vision spoke to Sam “The Hobbit” Creasey after his first round submission victory against Luri Bejenari at Cage Warriors 84 at the 02 Indigo in London. Sam has won eight of his professional fights and is currently ranked (Tapology) number 5 in the flyweight division.

Sam congratulations on the win. How did it feel to get your hand raised tonight.

Thank you James, it felt great to get the win against a tough opponent”

At the end of the fight Sam you were disappointed because you felt you didn’t get a chance to show the improvements you have been working on. Could you tell our readers what those improvements were.

On reflection, I shouldn’t have been disappointed as I couldn’t have asked for a better performance. But, the fight itself, I didn’t get a chance to express myself. I would have liked to display the striking we had been working on. But, I’m sure I will have plenty of other fights to show my improvements”

Sam, you are now 8-1 in your professional career. Do you feel your seek for perfection has been a key mental strategy in the wins you have had in your pro career?

It does help, I’m never satisfied with winning, I want to progress. I never feel the need to celebrate a win, as the work we’ve put in means I am expecting to win”

Look back at CW Unplugged Sam do you feel this win has closed any questions you felt needed to be answered after your first pro loss against Shajidul Haque.

Perhaps in terms of performance. But, as the fight was so short, I didn’t get a chance to show how my cardio has improved, my next fight if it lasts longer, I’ll be able to show my further evolution”

You commented on Facebook Sam this was the best weight cut you have had. What has been the difference in your approach to the weight cut for this fight.

I have tried to be as professional as possible. In the past, I’ve been leaving things too late and always relying on my body being lean as a reason not to have to pull things in too early”

Lastly, where do you see this victory placing you in the featherweight division and is there anyone you wish to fight next.

“I’m not too fussed with rankings, to be honest. We all know Demetrious Johnson is number one.  All I want is tough fights, to prove I belong at the top of the sport. No particular opponents in mind, someone who can challenge me”

Image Cage Warriors

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