Myles Price “I am ready to put my stamp on the BAMMA lightweight division”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Myles “Magic” Price after it was announced he would be fighting Phillip Mulpeter at BAMMA 30 in Dublin.

Combat Vision MMA asked Myles about his thoughts on the fight being announced.

“I’m happy to be matched and putting my stamp on the division. Phillip is a good opponent to display my skill set against on BAMMA 30 it’s a top show at the 3Arena”

Myles opponent Phillip Mulpeter has not fought since 2015. Will it be a struggle to form a game plan for a fighter whose style might have changed or adapted in this time period.

“No. Style’s rarely change drastically at this level, just tools added. So he will somewhat be the same, but be prepared for anything. Also keeping an open mind, he is tricky in his own way also”

Myles heads into this fight full of confidence after knocking out Mario Saeed at BAMMA 24 and with a BAMMA record that stands at 1-1. Combat Vision MMA asked Myles how motivated he is to make a statement in July.

“I feel very confident from my last performance. But, it’s in the past, I’ve learned from it and confident in the performance coming July 7th. Putting my name out in the division worldwide is my goal each fight night”

Myles has not fought since BAMMA 24 back in February 2016. How difficult has it been for him being out of the cage for such a lengthy period and has he been working on anything to adapt his fighting style.

“Injuries happen and personal life. Also opening my new facility, which has been keeping me occupied. I’ve been developing my game regular in the meantime, just ready to peak for a performance”

Myles was scheduled to face former BAMMA lightweight champion Rhys “Skeletor” McKee at BAMMA 28. Combat Vision MMA asked Myles if this is a fight that he would be looking to make happen after BAMMA 30.

“It would depend on the circumstances. I want the belt or big name fights, if he wins on July 7th then yes. He’s a good opponent, we exchanged shit talk, but there’s a respect there as an athlete, who has done well in his career so far”

Watch Myles Price knockout Mario Saeed at BAMMA 24

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