Linton Vassell “I am ready to swarm the Bellator light heavyweight champion next”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Linton “The Swarm” Vassell after his submission victory over Liam McGeary at Bellator 179 in London. This victory gives Linton a three-fight win streak with the Bellator MMA promotion.

Linton was asked how happy he was with his performance on the night.

“I’m well happy with my performance, the game plan worked perfectly and to get the finish made it that much sweeter”

Combat Vision MMA asked Linton if he was surprised by Liam’s performance on the night as it seemed he was having his way with Liam in terms of the grappling exchanges and takedowns.

“No not at all he came to fight. This is the way I fight and the reason I’m called the Swarm, I spoil my opponent’s game”

This is now Linton’s 3rd submission in Bellator MMA. Would it be fair to say your ground game is your biggest weapon and how hard have you been working on this aspect of your game.

“I’m a grappler all day long and this is my biggest weapon. I always go for the finish and I have a very high submission percentage. I work on my submission game a lot.”

Linton is now 7-2 with Bellator MMA and has now defeated the former light heavyweight champion. Where do you see this victory placing you in terms of a title shot.

“Whoever the champion is. I should be next in line after beating 2 former champions and I’m on a 3 fight win streak. No one in the division has earned a shot before me”

Getting to know Linton Vassell 

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