Mick Brennan “Decky cant push me as much as my team does every week”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Team Ryano Kilkenny fighter Mick “The Basher” Brennan yesterday evening after it was announced that Mick would be fighting Decky “The Diamond” Dalton at BAMMA 30 in Dublin.

Combat Vision MMA asked Mick about his thoughts on the fight being announced.

“I am excited and motivated after the fight being announced tonight”

The matchup between Brennan and Dalton is a very important fight as both fighters try to get back to winning ways under the BAMMA promotion. Mick was asked about how this fight developed.

There wasn’t much to it, to be honest. I was trying to get on the card for a while and then finally Andy messaged me “Decky for Bamma?” and I said “Yes, let’s do it”

A strength of Decky Dalton inside the cage is his stand up. Mick was asked tactically how would he approach the fight and will he engage with Decky on the feet.

“I am going to get in there and fight. Decky always comes to fight, I like that, I like fighting, it’s as simple as that. Of course, I’m going to engage on the feet, I’m going to engage wherever the fight goes”

Looking back at Decky’s last performance against Jonathan Brookins. Did Mick see anything that he would be looking to exploit in his fight with Decky.

Yeah. I have seen opportunities in Decky’s performances where I will be looking to capitalise”

Both Mick and Decky head into BAMMA 30 on the back of losses and looking to return to form. How confident is Mick that it will be him who will get the win.

“I have surrounded myself with a top team and a full-time schedule that I’ve never had in place ever before. I am training with some of the country’s best MMA fighters at Team Ryano. No fight is going to be tougher than any sparring session with those guys, I’m confident that Decky can’t push me as much as my team does every week”

The last time we seen Mick inside the cage was 2016 at BAMMA 24 against Brian Moore. Combat Vision MMA asked Mick how difficult it has been to be out of the cage for that stretch of time.

“It was extremely tough post fight with Brian Moore. My body let me down early in that fight, with my abdominal muscle tearing trying to get back up to my feet, it took the air out from me which lead to Brian finishing the fight. I could not train at all for 3 & a half months, it took a good while to get back to a good standard of fitness, then I injured my knee. I just had a bad run of injuries, along with trying to organse and set up our new facility of Team Ryano Kilkenny with Myles Price. In that sense, it’s been difficult, but everything’s been all good since January and training has gone brilliantly since and injury free”

Mick was asked about how the training camp will be built for this fight. Will there be anything he feel needs to be specifically targeted.

My training camp is focused on me, my game and how I apply my pressure. I don’t care if it’s Decky or someone else completely in there, on July 7th I will be ready”

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