Will Fleury “At Cage Legacy 3 I am going to wait for my opportunity to smash”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Straight Blast Gym Ireland fighter Will Fleury after it was confirmed yesterday evening he would be fighting Simon Rosenholm at Cage Legacy 3 in Cork. Will has a perfect (2-0) professional record, finishing the fights inside the first round.

Combat Vision MMA asked Will about his thoughts on the fight being announced.

I’m just delighted to finally have something lined up again, it has been a frustrating few months with regard to getting something sorted” 

Will was asked about fighting in front of a hometown crowd in Cork. How fired was he to make a statement.

“I am really happy to be getting to fight in Cork. Again I have not fought there since November 2013 and I probably won’t get to again for a long time, so I’m gonna make the most of the opportunity and savour it as much as possible. I have a lot of very supportive friends down there and Cork people are very passionate in general, so I’m looking forward to giving them something to shout about”  

Combat Vision MMA asked Will about his performance at BAMMA 28 and how much does he want to build on that performance and keep improving.

“Yeah that was a great night. But, every fight is a new challenge and my approach is the same for everyone. I do everything in my power to be the most impressive ass whooper I can be on the night, I never want to enter the fight thinking I could have done more. If I don’t think I should be doing it, then I do it.

Will was asked about his opponent Simon Rosenholm who will be making his professional debut. How will he approach the fight tactically.

“To be honest I don’t really study my opponents. I’ll just do what I always do. Be Will “fucking” Fleury and wait for my opportunity to smash”

Watch Will Fleury knockout Kyle McClurkin at BAMMA 28

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